3 Hotels to Stay at in Budapest

Often deemed as one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful cities, Budapest deserves a spot on your bucket list. The Hungarian capital is replete with beautiful Neo-Classical architecture, inviting cafes, lively bars, and a sweeping variety of artfully-designed hotels. Below, we’ve rounded up three amazing places to stay during your next trip.

1️⃣ The New York Palace Budapest (@newyorkpalaceda) is a timelessly opulent hotel inspired by the Italian renaissance, which was built in the 1870s by illustrious architects: Alajos Hauszmann, Flóris Korb, and Kálman Giergel (the latter two are famous for their interpretations of Hungarian Art Nouveau design). This Budapest hotel is renowned for its New York Café, where travelers can enjoy traditional Hungarian desserts while sipping an espresso amongst a grandiose atmosphere equipped with high ceilings, meticulously carved railings, and marbled columns.

2️⃣ An 11-room hotel that used to be apartments, Brody House (@brodyhouse) is one of Budapest’s most charming boutique hotels. Over the past ten years, the hotel has hosted fashion shoots and art shows in its two close-but-separate buildings—one a chic townhouse, the other a block of revitalized flats. Each room in the hotel is named after the artist whose work dresses the space; for example, the Tinei Room features oeuvres d’art by Alex Ternei.

3️⃣ From its Neo-Classical façade to expansive atrium lobby full of Italian marble, the Corinthia Budapest (@corinthiabud) is a jaw-dropping hotel. However, in fashion with the country’s famed baths, its most notable feature is its Royal Spa and pool. The curvy pool sits under a stained-glass, extra-high ceiling, where it’s adorned by black & cream tiles and surrounded by exquisite balconies.

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