A “Pre-Honeymoon” Trip Can Help Beat the Pandemic Blues

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, my fiancé and I were just one of many couples who were forced to postpone their nuptials — along with our bucket-list-worthy honeymoon to Italy. Thankfully, we had insurance so while we didn’t lose money on our flights or accommodations, we still, of course, felt sad and discouraged. 

When the opportunity arose to travel to Miraval Berkshires (@miravaleresorts) for an assignment on traveling in the age of COVID-19, I sprung at the chance to bring along my fiancé. The luxe all-inclusive resort is nestled in the heart of The Berkshires — and, even better, it was adults-only. We quickly packed up our bags and made the drive up to Miraval. 

We joked to our friends and family that this would be our “pre-honeymoon” — a small preview of just how special our time together in Italy would truly be once the time came. (We’re hoping for next summer, but, at this point, who knows?) 

Upon check-in, we were greeted by smiling staff members, all eager and excited to welcome us onto the sprawling property. And, after an afternoon chock-full of activities (pedicures, cooking demos, sunbathing by the pool… you know, all the good stuff) it was time to retreat to our room. The elegantly appointed accommodations truly set the (picture-perfect) scene for a relaxing weekend. 

Ultimately, this “pre-honeymoon” trip was the perfect cure to our pandemic blues. If you feel comfortable traveling (safely, of course), a romantic weekend away can truly lift your spirits. We used our getaway to reconnect, reflect, and relax, which, in today’s world, is nearly impossible given the circumstances. 

If anything, the lesson I’ve learned from all of this is that the future is uncertain, and we never know what will happen in a day, week, month, or year (cue the Friends theme song…). This pre-honeymoon trip afforded us the opportunity to live in the present and enjoy the “now” — without worrying about the future.

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