Brandon Berkson
Brandon Berkson

Conceptualized by boutique hotel pundit and enthusiast, Brandon Berkson, Hotels Above Par is an expert-curated guide highlighting the world’s coolest boutique-style hotels and travel experiences.

Hotels Above Par has garnered a strong community of travelers who, when vacationing, prefer staying at boutique hotels that connect them to the heart of a destination, as opposed to spending the night in a hyper-corporate, overly-commercialized hotel.

Since its inception in April 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Berkson has significantly grown the guide’s following. Its success has seen content expand past hotels to restaurants, destinations, and other travel-related topics. Every story encompasses Berkson’s vision: A look into the coolest boutique-oriented experiences across the world via digestible reads that take around two to three minutes.

With Hotels Above Par’s rapid growth, Berkson has selected top-line, travel-expert journalists to write articles, each one bringing a new perspective and form of punditry to the guide.

When asked about what’s to come, Berkson will tell you, “this is just the beginning.”

So, with that, we invite you to explore the world of boutique hotels and travel with us.

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