Brandon Berkson
Brandon Berkson

Conceptualized by boutique hotel pundit and enthusiast, Brandon Berkson, Hotels Above Par is a tasteful guide that showcases and inspires hotel and travel enthusiasts around the world. Pairing aesthetically pleasing images with concise-yet-compelling spotlights and stories on a wide diversification of unique hotels and destinations, the guide is geared towards the hip, discerning traveler. The guide has garnered a strong community of hotel and travel lovers, who use it for a variety of reasons, including as a source of inspiration for future trips, as well as a place to celebrate and support hotels during a time when they need love most—Berkson created the page during the pandemic.

 Since its inception in April 2020, Berkson has significantly grown the guide’s following; in fact, its success has seen content expand past just hotels and cover destinations as a whole. Sharing his fervent passion for the industry with his global community of travel and hotel enthusiasts, Hotels Above Par has launched an Instagram Live series “Checking In with Hotels Above Par”—which features discussions with influencers, journalists, and hoteliers—and “Hotel Hit List”—a set of playful superlatives highlighting different illustrious industry figures’ favorite hotels.

HotelsAbovePar.com serves as a house for the guide, somewhere fans can easily search through all content posted on the Instagram page.

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