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3 Breathtaking Hotels in Mexico

Happy Mexican Independence Day 🇲🇽 🎉🇲🇽🎉! Mexico is a breathtaking, multi-dimensional country, which caters to all types of travelers. Below, we’ve shared three hotels, in different places around…


3 Marbella Hotels for Beach Lovers

Lovers of the beach and Spain need to put Marbella on their list. Located in the south of Spain, in the country’s Andalusia region, the destination has hosted…


Hotel Zoom-In: TWA Hotel

The imitable TWA Hotel (@twahotel) at JFK Airport in New York City is iconic. The hotel has been revitalized from its former life as the TWA Flight Center,…


3 Easy Escapes for Labor Day Weekend 2021

Happy Labor Day weekend! Here at Hotels Above Par, we’re all about optimism, which is why we’ve rounded up three easy escapes below for the holiday weekend next…

HOTEL HIT LIST: A Q&A with Fashion, Travel, & Lifestyle Influencer, Moti Ankari (@MotiAnkari)

We sat down with illustrious Influencer, @MotiAnkari—also founder of @AnkariFloruss as well as premier blog, The Metro Man—and asked him his favorite hotels. The lifestyle, travel, and fashion aficionado has impeccable…



Today, we’re bringing you to New York City, to the cosmopolitan PUBLIC Hotel (@publichotel). This chic-as-can-be, effortlessly cool Lower East Side hotel boasts a warm and inviting ambiance…


Hotel Zoom-In: Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

Today we’re taking you to Spanish haven and Balearic hotspot, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay (@ibizabay), which is championed as the island’s premier five-star accommodation. A respite from any…

These Vibrant and Colorful Hotels Automatically Boost Your Mood

These Vibrant and Colorful Hotels Automatically Boost Your Mood

We all need a serotonin boost here and there, and sometimes, all you need is a little splash of color in your life to brighten up your mood….

Hotel Zoom-In: Amankora

Consisting of five lodges across Bhutan’s — the world’s last remaining Buddhist kingdom — breathtaking valleys, Amankora (@amankorabhutan) is the country’s first resort. Here, guests can expect lodges…

Hotel Zoom-In: Cavo Tagoo

One of Mykonos’ most sought-after hotels, Cavo Tagoo (@cavotagoomykonos) looks over the Aegean Sea with its expansive infinity pool, 100-foot Aquarium Bar, and a treasure trove of 80…

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