Biologique Recherche Opens New Luxurious Los Angeles Spa

Biologique Recherche Opens New Luxurious Los Angeles Spa

If you love chic skincare, you need to get your next facial at renowned French beauty brand Biologique Recherche’s new Los Angeles Ambassade — the company’s first spa and store in the USA. 

To all who are unfamiliar with the line, Biologique Recherche is known for its haute line of skincare products and personalized beauty regimens (they founded the iconic Lotion P50, an unrivaled exfoliating facial serum that has every skincare obsessed person in raptures upon first usage).

Biologique Recherche Room

The highly anticipated Biologique Recherche Ambassade occupies a luxurious two-story mansion on Melrose Place in Beverly Hills. Similar to the brand’s flagship on Champs-Elysées in Paris — modeled by French designer Joanne de Lépinay — each room follows the trademark’s cobalt blue, white and gold color scheme to instill that sophisticated Parisian aura throughout. Expect cozy single and double treatment rooms suitable for solo sessions as well as twosomes (you and your best friend deserve a spa day — don’t settle for anything less). Those yearning for ultimate privacy (such as A-list celebrities, of course) can opt for the spa’s blue room: a two-table suite with a boudoir and hidden entrance. 

Biologique Recherche

Ambassade beauticians are trained in everything Biologique Recherche, including their three-step methodology: first comes the “individual skin-assessment stage” — a dermo-cosmetic analysis pinpointing the skin’s DNA; then, the “initialization stage” — a thorough cleansing and facial massage; and, as a last step, comes the “treatment stage — a healing process that utilizes various natural remedy products to target each issue in depth. Slip into deep relaxation during the non-invasive, exfoliating, and massage session while laying on plush Italian massage beds.   

For the skincare obsessed and Biologique Recherche groupies (aka all of us here at HAP), the brand’s hyper-customized collection of face, body, and hair care products, famed for their effectiveness and longevity, are available at the French line’s first West Coast location.

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