Bogotá, Colombia, Destination Guide

Colombia’s high-altitude capital, Bogotá, is a vibrant city brimming with history and culture. With car-free streets on Sundays and Colonial-era towns, Bogotá embraces the joys of life with visual art innovation and unmistakable energy. Read below to learn more about the city regarded as Colombia’s beating heart. 

Where to Stay:

Click Clack Hotel Bogotá

With floor to ceiling views of the Andes, the Click Clack hotel places you in the center of Bogotá’s cultural metropolis. Heavy on the urban industrial design, the hotel boasts animal head-shaped cupboard handles and Pixelated Space Invaders wallpaper from the 1970s video game in the elevator. It also happens to have one of Bogotá’s most popular rooftop bars. Also, the hotel is around the corner from Parque de la 93: one of the city’s most popular recreational areas.

HAB Hotel

Located in upscale neighborhood, Chapinero, HAB Hotel’s interiors take a minimalist approach meshed with hints of indigenous details inspired by the local culture, giving the stay warmth and authenticity. Sit at the on-site HAB Cafe while you plan your path through the historic area or venture to Zona T.

Where to Eat

Credit: Tramonti Restaurante


The immigration of Italians to Colombia makes the country one of the best places to have Italian food. The glass walls, wooden shafts, and location on a hill are inspired by the traditional cabin style in the Italian Alps, making your experience at Tramonti cozy with an unmatched view of the city. We highly recommend the Teresina Pizza and Portillo Malbec — and don’t forget to ask for a table at a window, the service here is top-tier.

Balcones de la Candelaría

This restaurant gives you an authentic but high-quality Colombian experience set in (you guessed it) La Calendaría. Guests take in sweeping views of Bogotá’s historic streets and the Andes while dining. Ordering their Ajiaco and Calentado is a must, or you can’t say you truly ate Colombian food. 

Where to Drink:

Credit: Malaflor


Malaflor stretches the boundaries of fine dining in Bogotá with an eclectic, risky style that transports guests to Tulum. Most of their cocktails are concocted with various elements, including fire, smoke and tropical decorations, to immerse visitors into the Caribbean-inspired experience. We recommend the Pájara Luna composed of gin, elderberry liqueur, lychee, rose tonic, and elevated with a smoke display. 

Where to Visit:

La Candelaría

Every walking tour will lead to what locals consider the historic heart of Bogotá, La Candelaría. Along with landmarks such as Plaza Bolívar and Case de Nariño (the president’s palace), the area comprises beautiful narrow streets lined with craftsmen and eateries. After wandering for hours, refuel at Sama Café with a poppy seed pastry and signature Colombian coffee. Those feeling a bit more adventurous should head to Funnel Alley where vendors sell Chicha, Bogotá’s local liqueur. 

Credit: Museo Botero

Museo Botero

The Botero Museum houses some of the most important international art collections in South America. Along with those of its namesake, Fernando Botero (a Colombian painter and sculptor), the museum displays the works of Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. Placed inside an old mansion that compliments the streets of La Calendaría, the museum reimagines the meaning of museum.


Over 10,000 feet high in the center of the city, the peak of Monserrate is where the church devoted to El Señor Caido or “The Fallen Lord” lies — and it has a spectacular view, too. There are three ways to the top: the cable car, the funicular, or on foot. If you want to go when it is less crowded, avoid going on a Sunday when locals attend church.

Museo Del Oro

This museum covers how important gold was in pre-Hispanic situations in Colombia. Today, it’s home to more than 55,000 gold splendors. 

Shop Bogotá’s Independent Galleries

Bogotá is chock full of independent galleries. Some of our favorites that deserve your attention are Casas Riegner, NC Arte, Instituto de Vision.

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