Hotel Zoom-In: Borealis Basecamp

We have a suggestion for the next domestic hotel on your bucket list — Borealis Basecamp (@borealisbasecamp) in Alaska. Guests spend their nights here in fiberglass igloos, which are redolent of the accommodations one would find when researching or watching movies about polar expeditions and research stations in the Arctic. We haven’t even gotten to the best part: They are specially-built to maximize observation of the Aurelias Borealis, most commonly known as the Northern Lights.

Entering the structure, guests will notice transparent, curved windows that stretch 16 feet across each igloo roof; looking up while lying on the room’s comfortable bed is an unforgettable view. 12-foot-high ceilings paired with cool-toned furnishings make the dwelling feel spacious; abundant Alaskan light spills into the space from above. Even though very much off-the-grid, rooms have fully-equipped bathrooms, including vanity sinks, bathtubs, and glass showers.

Travelers who want to experience the “last frontier” will be eager to participate in the hotel’s organized experiences, ranging from dog sledding to snowmobiling, to feeding local reindeer, to Alaskan sauna sessions.

The hotel’s signature HELI Adventuring will provide you with that dose of adrenaline that you so hoped for when first learning about the experience. Vacationers can choose from a selection of helicopter-oriented activities, including transport to secluded hot springs and panoramic fly-overs of the Alaskan backcountry and White Mountains.

Restaurant-wise, guests can look to on-site Latitude 65, homed in a craftsman-built yurt that offers expansive views of the surrounding terrain. Colorado-transplant Chef Easter opened the restaurant in October 2018, where he has been serving quintessential Alaskan dishes, including seafood and local farm-to-table ingredients since.

Travelers can reach the hotel by flying into Fairbanks, where an arranged shuttle awaits at the airport for transport to the hotel.

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