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3 Hotels to Stay at in Lake Como

Charming lakeside villages, mountainside villas, and old-world palazzos are just a few of the alluring characteristics, that make Lake Como such an idyllic destination. Below, we’ve highlighted three…


3 Hotels to Stay at in Doha

Doha, Qatar is a captivating destination where sand and trim skyscrapers meet the Persian Gulf’s piercingly blue waters. The city is new and cosmopolitan, which has made way…


3 Hotels to Stay at in Budapest

Often deemed as one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful cities, Budapest deserves a spot on your bucket list. The Hungarian capital is replete with beautiful Neo-Classical architecture, inviting…

ciragan _palace_kempinski_istanbul

3 Hotels to Stay at in Istanbul

Separating Europe from Asia, Istanbul served as the focal point for several ancient empires. Its past has blessed the Turkish metropolis with storied architectural wonders that still stand…


Lake or Sea View? Make Your Decision with these 2 Hotels

Do you prefer a sea view or lake view? ⁣For lovers of the sea, we recommend Cheval Blanc St. Tropez (@chevalblancsttropez), an intimate 30-room hotel located on the Mediterranean…


3 Hotels to Stay at in New Zealand

New Zealand—a country with 5.6 sheep for every person—is the perfect place to get away from people-packed cities and delve into Mother Earth. Colloquially known by its Maori…


3 Hotels to Stay at in Bali

A breathtaking island in Indonesia, Bali is a favorite among A-list celebrities and the world’s global elite. The destination houses an abundance of mesmerizing hotels, which are punctuated…

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