Hotels Across The World Currently Catering to Digital Nomads

Thanks to the pandemic, flexibility in the workforce has become more widespread. And many travel-lusting employees are taking advantage of working from the road. Across the globe, hotels have picked up on this trend and are catering to these digital nomads with day rates, extended stays, free Wi-Fi, and co-working spaces.

Interested? Major cities like New York and Los Angeles, as well as international metropolises like London, Milan, and Tokyo are home to plenty of hotels pivoting to market office-like perks. These packages, with names like “Werk It” and “Work From Hotel,” typically include special day rates for rooms with access to fitness centers, discounts on food purchases, in-room coffee, and complimentary Wi-Fi and printing.

Some hotels, like the Kinley Hotel Cincinnati (@kinleyhotelcincinnati), have extra perks, like an exclusive partnership with its next-door neighbor, a co-working space. The boutique hotel chain, Kimpton (@kimpton), even upgraded its offerings with Chief Virtual Learning Officers at 10 of its properties across North America. Created to help families with remote learning, the CVLO helps set up virtual classes and manage troubleshooting for kids and offers complimentary snacks and school supplies. A 2 p.m. late-check out is also included as well as an option to add an additional guest room during school hours for extra working space.

Other hotel groups like Provenance Hotels (@provenancehotels), with unique properties in cities like Boston, Nashville, New Orleans, Seattle, and Portland, currently offer extended stay packages for week- or month-long trips for travelers looking to explore a city while working.

If this sounds like your dream reality, hotels may consider making some of these trends more permanent. Virgin Hotels (@virginhotels) and Yotel (@yotel) already design their properties with multi-purpose gathering spaces suitable for daytime working. And new developments are also taking note, like the luxurious Patina Maldives (@patinamaldives), set to open in a few months, will have a communal working space called Portico.

If you’re a remote worker, hotels are making it easier than ever to live the nomadic life.

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