3 TV Series to Help You Globetrot from Home

Unfortunately, full travel is not on the books right now. That said, these past ten months have seen us foster a stronger relationship with different entertainment providers, from Netflix to Amazon Prime. While we’ve been at home curled up in a blanket, we’ve been traveling more than ever through our TV and computer screens. Below, we’ve shared three of our favorite series to help you globetrot while stuck at home (no plane or train necessary):

Globetrot Tv Series Killing Eve

TV Series #1: Killing Eve (@killingeve)

Sandra Oh and Jodi Comer are a dynamic duo in this BBC TV series. An MI6 agent named Eve (Oh) is on the hunt for a deadly assassin called Villanelle (Comer), leading the two into an unhealthy obsession with one another. The show takes viewers on a trip across Europe, from Barcelona’s pulsating streets to Rome’s charming ‘stradas,’ to London’s lively pubs.

Globetrot Tv Series Desenfrenadas

TV Series #2: Desenfrenadas (@somosdesenfrenadas)

Officially called “Unstoppable” in English, this Mexican show takes viewers on a journey through the state of Oaxaca, where three well-off twenty-somethings (Tessa La, Barbara Lopez, and Lucìa Uribe Bracho) from Mexico City road trip to the state. On the way, they meet a girl (Coty Camacho) who changes the direction of their trip, for better and worse. This program showcases Oaxaca’s beauty, from the serene coasts of Puerto Escondido to colonial towns like Ciudad de Oaxaca.

Globetrot Tv Series Emily in Paris

TV Series #3: Emily in Paris (@emilyinparis)

This show is the perfect thing to help you decompress from the day and take you on a quick voyage to Paris — it’s light and easy-to-follow. Main Character Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) lands a transfer to her Chicago-based marketing agency’s new office in Paris. Emily’s high confidence — underserved being that she doesn’t speak the language or know anything about France — is showcased through several made-to-be-cringeworthy scenes, where she navigates French work culture under her cold, intimidating boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu). Purposefully exhibitive of different clichés, the show brings us Americans to Paris through our TV screens — from the croissants to berets, to the beyond charming Parisians smoking cigarettes and sipping espressos outside of corner cafés.

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