Hotel Zoom-In: Hotel Aire de Bardenas

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Set in Spain’s Navarre region, Hotel Aire de Bardenas (@airedebardenas) is a cutting-edge boutique property. Barcelona-based architects Emiliano Lopez and Mónica Rivera designed a haven that sports a modern, minimalistic, and industrial-like look.

The hotel has 32 rooms: 22 are built into the ground, while ten are futuristic-looking bubble pods. Double rooms, cubes, and suites enchant guests with expansive views of both wheat fields and the area’s badland-like terrain; travelers who visit the vicinity are quick to compare it to something you would see on the moon.

These boxy, single-story edifices with jutted-out windows stand firmly over stones and arid land. They are monochromatic cubic structures that blend perfectly into their backdrop.

Many of the rooms have small patios with bespoke outdoor furniture — if you’re lucky, yours might come with a private jacuzzi and garden. These flat-roofline dwellings are accessible via exterior walkways, which naturally cast a sense of seclusion amongst guests staying at the hotel. Inside, rooms boast wood-paneled fixtures, comfortable beds, and telescopic windows that show off the picture-perfect environs of Spain’s Navarre region. The foundation pays homage to Navarre’s austere tierra, with sleek concrete floors containing locally extracted rock throughout.

Not in the mood for sturdy structures? Their bubble rooms are great and make for the picture Instagram picture.

The hotel has a boundary wall with wooden crates, which serves as a nod to the modes of fruit and vegetable transportation nearby farms have used for centuries. Wind is harsh in the area; this barrier helps hinder strong gusts while still allowing entrance to gentle breezes.

Days are best spent exploring the nearby historic town of Tuleda, hiking Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve, as well as wine-tasting. For those who want to stay on property, the pool and gardens are perfect for lounging. Additionally, the hotel’s restaurant is a great choice for those looking to taste regional cuisine.

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