Hotel Zoom-In: Bisha Hotel Toronto

Bisha Hotel (@bishahotel) is one of Toronto’s hottest hotels. Its 44 floors confidently tower over the city, making the view from the rooftop bar, restaurant and infinity pool jaw-dropping. Top-floor, hip-dining establishment KOST offers dishes that are a mix between Mexican & Californian flavors. The lobby glistens with black marble, etched gold, and velvet fabrics, which are accompanied by walls dressed with chic art. Guestrooms are ritzy and refined through splendors such as floor-to-ceiling windows hiding behind black velvet curtains, snakeskin wallpaper, and natural stones. Canadian glamour at its finest, the seventh-floor features 14 rooms—including the two-level, balcony-equipped Bisha Suite—designed by Lenny Kravitz of Kravitz Design.

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