Hotel Zoom-In: Giraffe Manor

Imagine a hotel arranging for you to have breakfast or afternoon tea with giraffes; well, it’s a thing at Giraffe Manor (@thesafaricollection) in Nairobi, Kenya. One of the world’s most unique places of accommodation, the 140-acre #sanctuary committed to the fight against poaching and protecting endangered giraffes, hosts a resident herd of the species whose members visit the hotel’s guests anytime they please. Decor enthusiasts will appreciate the manor’s façade, plush interior, diverse gardens, sanctuary-viewing terraces that admire the free-roaming animals, and peaceful courtyards; all set in a historical 1930s-era building and its newer-constructed replica. 🦒🦒 (đź“·: @outoftheofficetraveling, @thesafaricollection)

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