Hotel Zoom-In: Hotel Marqúes de Riscal

With a large portion of it designed by Frank O. Gehry, Hotel Marqúes de Riscal (@hotelmarquesderiscal) is an architectural masterpiece in the heart of Spain’s Basque country. Envisioned to resemble a 21st-century château within the dimensions of iconic, La Rioja-located #winery, Vinos de Los Herederos de Marqués de Riscal, the property boasts views of the medieval village, Elciego, and the mountains of Sierra de Cantabria. Contrast at its finest, the hotel’s 2006-constructed “City of Wine” structure exudes boldness through avant-garde curves, zigzag windows, a titanium roof, and asymmetrical walls, which all serve as a juxtaposition to the existing 1850s-built, historical wine cellars. The renowned Architect wanted to prioritize incorporating the winery’s distinctive colors into the building—pink, like red wine; gold, like the mesh around Marqués de Riscal’s Reserva wine bottles; and silver, like the bottles’ capsules. Travelers looking to mix local varietals with #wellness will love the praised spa’s nourishing “100% Grape Ritual”—consists of a crushed cabernet scrub and pulp friction massage with fresh grapes. Culinary enthusiasts can sip the property’s signature #wine—of course, accompanied by the punditry of a Sommelier—as well as dine at 1860 Tradición and Marqués de Riscal Restaurant, which are both overseen by Michelin-starred Chef, Francis Paniego. 🍷

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