How to Pack for an #AbovePar Trip to Paris

From a lightweight Lumix to lingerie, here are 16 things to pack for Paris.

I joined Hotels Above Par two days ago, and I’m already packing for Paris. While I haven’t planned a trip, I’m already cataloging the #abovepar upgrades I’ll make and the leading-actress worthy looks I’ll create when I go on my next adventure. There’s a je ne sais quoi that Parisians have that makes them chicer than any tourist. But, if you’ve booked a HAP-worthy hotel, like Hôtel Madame Rêve, your trip will have a cool-factor, regardless of where you’re from.

There are practical musts and timeless additions that are worth packing in your checked luggage too. From a lightweight Lumix to lingerie, here are 16 things to pack for Paris.

Clutch Pro-Lightning Portable Charger

From $49

While you might not want to be seen with a selfie stick in Paris, you shouldn’t be caught without a clutch. This is the chicest way to ensure you’ll have enough power to take you from espresso to escargot.

The Fete Croissant Charm

From $150

This charm won’t quell your croissant craving, but it’ll certainly celebrate it. The best part is that you can wear it when you get home too.

Bottega Veneta Passport Holder

From $353

While Parisian glamor is often understated, it doesn’t come without effort. If you’re not going to be naked in Paris, your passport shouldn’t be either.

Violette Bisou Balm in Amour Fou

From $28

Whether you’ll be kissing or simply showing up, this balm creates the ideal pout for Paris.

Hermès Voitures en Equilibre Scarf

From $250

So what if you need to watch three tutorials to pull off one outfit? You’ll look like you belong in Lyon.

Lumix FZ300

From $497

While you can’t control the weather, you can capture the effervescent light of the eiffel tower at night. You just need a Lumix.

Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier

From $26

Evian might be hard to come by, and cost quite a few euro–so, maximize every sip with this hydration multiplier. This is the perfect hack to prepare for a party in Paris.

Toteme Pointed Shoe Flats

From $650

They’re practical but purposeful, just like any trip to Paris. They will complement a cropped jean or a LBD–and, they’ll take up zero room in your suitcase.

European Travel Plug Adapter

From $8

While the #abovepar hotels might accommodate your devices, it’s always best to be prepared. This plug is as adaptable as an American in Paris.

Loewe Puzzle Fold Medium Tote

From $2,100

This will fit everything from your Lumix to your Louvre guide. It’s less touristy than a backpack but equally as suited to carry all that you need.

Ralph Lauren Mens Heritage Round Sunglasses

From $335

Paris is just as hot on nostalgia as New York. Whether you opt for round or aviator style, pack a pair of vintage-style frames.

Ami Paris Mens Belt

From $185

Everything looks better with a belt, even in Paris. Quiet details without overt branding are ideal for packing purposes–this is one you can wear and wear again.

Khaite Amato Earrings

From $980

Simple statements help elevate the pieces you might pack and wear on repeat. These earrings will level up a slip dress and a white tee.

An American in Paris Novel

From $10

You’ll need something to read on the plane, or to pair with your Parisian croissant. Opt for historical fiction even if you plan to shop more than study on your trip.

Simone Perele Black Karma Bralette

From $85

In Paris, they play with lingerie–standard t-shirt bras just won’t cut it. So, even if you plan on covering every inch of this lace, embrace it.

Celine Cosmetics Pouch

From $590

You can purchase more Bioderma micellar water from any French pharmacy–but you need a classy way to carry everything else. This case will look like it belongs on the #abovepar vanity when you arrive.

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