Traveling Design Fair NOMAD Circle Heads To Capri For Its 10th Edition

Meet the art fair of the future: NOMAD Circle.

Founded in 2016 by art world insiders Giorgio Pace and Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, NOMAD Circle eschews the traditional concept of showcasing art inside sterile exhibition halls and uninspiring venues. Instead, the roving design fair ambitiously takes over architecturally-significant heritage buildings around the world to create an intimate experience for a coterie of aesthetes and collectors. Each NOMAD edition is one-of-a-kind in both setting and execution, with past exhibitions hosted inside extraordinary landmarks like the grandiose Villa La Vigie (Karl Lagerfeld’s former villa in Monaco), Venice’s Gothic Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel, and the heritage-protected Chesa Planta in St. Moritz, NOMAD’s flagship host city. (The fair even produced a virtual iteration in 2020, broadcast from the Palais de Bulles near Cannes.) “Our mission is to revisit the classic format of traditional fairs, by offering an experience that truly merges design, art, and architecture,” says Bellavance. “With the advancement of the arts in mind, we invite our guests to partake in a showcase that’s surprising, rich, and inspiring.” 

This summer, NOMAD’s highly anticipated 10th edition promises to be the premier invitation-only cultural event on Capri. From July 6-10, the exclusive fair will arrive at the fabled Certosa di San Giacomo, a Carthusian monastery that remains virtually unknown to many visitors to the island despite its location mere steps from the bustling Piazzetta. Constructed in the mid-14th century, the imposing landmark is the oldest building on the island, occupying a prized perch directly overlooking the Faraglioni, the emblematic towering rock formations that rise from the Bay of Naples. The historic compound is made up of three interconnected structures: the Greater and Lesser cloisters, an annex that once served as a pharmacy and women’s chapel, and a multi-use building for the lay brothers.

According to co-founder Giorgio Pace, his team has always considered Capri a perfect base since a significant number of collectors and “Nomads” (circle members) spend the month of July on the glitzy destination. Over five days, a curation of leading galleries from around the world will descend on the island to present dozens of artworks and collectible design objects—including a series of special projects made especially for the event—inside and around the sprawling La Certosa complex. “We cannot wait to witness the dialogue between the unique stone architecture and the exhibits,” says Pace. “It truly will have a 5D effect: art, architecture, design, nature, and people, all coming together.”

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