Scandinavian-Inspired Hotels to Celebrate Sweden Day

The National Day of Sweden is today, June 6, and Midsommar follows shortly thereafter. In honor of these Scandinavian celebrations, travel writer @katysjoyce rounded up her favorite hotels that embrace Nordic vibes stateside. ⬇️

Slide Background Eastwind (Windham, NY): This Catskills area property offers a New York state getaway designed as a Scandinavian home away from home for the dapper traveler. Inspired by lushna, the Scandi approach to camping without sacrificing comfort, Eastwind delights in so many ways, from its cool kid bar to its gorgeous, mountain setting and beyond. Enjoy a variety of room options, all decked out with bespoke Nordic decor. Slide Background White Water Cambria (Cambria, CA): This upscale lodge on the Central Coast of California perfectly blends beachy influences with Scandinavian design. The black exterior references the moody Danish coast, while repurposed materials like vintage fabrics evoke the Danish sensibility for reusing items. Baltic birch is also used throughout the property, which embraces a clean, simple overall look that is a nod to Scandi-style itself. Slide Background The Hewing (Minneapolis, MN): Minneapolis favorite Hewing Hotel boasts a large sauna to warm up those Minnesota winters, a beloved Scandinavian tradition. Plus, the name of the hotel itself refers to the act of processing a log into a piece of lumber, truly channeling that Minnesotan/Scandinavian lumberjack mentality. Nordic folk art is woven into the space too, in the custom wallpaper in guest rooms and in rosemaling (“rose painting”) pieces in the woodsy lobby. Slide Background KEX Hotel Portland (Portland, OR): KEX originated in Reykjavik, Iceland but opened its first U.S. location in Portland in 2019. The hostel-like property offers a mix of private and communal bunk rooms, plus a restaurant and rooftop bar that serve Nordic-inspired, seasonally driven fare. Designer Halfdan Pedersen’s vision of the space was cozy Scandinavian, with thrifted decor sourced from across the globe.

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