This New Hotel in Nepal Combines Adventure With All-Inclusive Luxury

Credit: Shinta Mani Mustang

In a country with eight of the world’s highest mountain peaks, elevated doesn’t typically refer to its hotels. But since Shinta Mani Mustang opened in August, its hotel scene has climbed to some seriously luxurious heights.

Credit: Shinta Mani Mustang

Curated by world-renowned hotel designer Bill Bensley, this 29-suite all-inclusive adventure lodge was inspired by the strong Tibetan culture throughout Mustang. A color palette of terracotta red, charcoal gray and white is carried both inside and outside, representing “prosperity,” “knowledge,” and “longevity” in Tibetan Buddhism.

Credit: Shinta Mani Mustang

Bensley’s signature whimsical touches include rainbow cloud swirls decorating the hallway carpets, orange goat-covered Hermes coverlets on the beds and a mix of salmon and lime green recycled furniture.

Credit: Shinta Mani Mustang

But while the decor is major eye candy, the real lure is what’s outside. When the skies are glassy and blue, views of Mount Nilgiri’s snow-covered peak from the hotel’s expansive windows make the white-knuckle journey to Jomsom worth it.

Credit: Shinta Mani Mustang

Here, nature is as alluring as Shinta Mani Mustang’s creature comforts. Daily excursions included in the stay are all about embracing the isolated region’s wild unpredictability and postcard beauty. Tailor-made itineraries include intense hikes to crystal-clear lakes overlooking sparkling mountains and visits to villages famed for their insular religion or apple orchards.

Credit: Shinta Mani Mustang

Back at the hotel, gentle and attentive service awaits, along with the Wellness Center’s signature massages—the perfect tonic after a day in the wild Himalayas.

Credit: Shinta Mani Mustang

Top Takeaways:

Location: Mustang, Nepal

The Vibe: A cozy mountain lodge where luxury, culture and adventure go hand-in-hand.

Rating: Five-star

Food + Drink: Dining is anything but dull here. Breakfasts can be had al-fresco with eggs, buckwheat crêpes, smoked salmon and hotel-made granola with a side of mountain views. Guests will likely never eat lunch at the hotel; instead, they’ll have local vegetable soup and fresh chocolate walnut cake on the rooftop of a monastery overlooking an ancient village and a traditional Thakali meal of yak curry and pickled vegetables in the home of a beloved Mustang chef. At dinner, meals match the luxurious setting with varying multi-course menus that reflect the area’s seasonal produce and culture. For a nightcap, Aara bar crafts cocktails using local spirits and herbs found growing around the hotel.

Amenities: Here, all-inclusive really means all. Everything from your guide to your mini-bar to your laundry to your spa treatments is included in the stay.

Our Favorite Thing About the Hotel: Apart from the dramatic design, the cultural experiences here are once-in-a-lifetime. Guests can witness everything from an avalanche tumbling down a mountain to a festival with masked dancers during daily excursions with Shinta Mani Mustang. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t skip out on the foot massage at the Wellness Center.

Any Personal Neighborhood Recs?: Its remote location above the village of Jomsom means guests will likely spend their free time relaxing at the hotel instead of the trekker-friendly town.

Rooms: 29 suites

Pricing: Rates start at  $1,800 per couple, per night, with a minimum 5-night consecutive stay.

Closest Airport: Jomsom Airport

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