Hotel Zoom-In: Sikelia Pantelleria

A five-star hotel on the island of Pantelleria in Sicily, Sikelia Pantelleria (@sikeliapantelleria) is a white-washed retreat. The hotel’s stylish accommodations are set in Dammusi buildings — the traditional ancient stone structures quintessential to that specific region of Italy. The surrounding landscape is lava rock, which serves as an eye-catching contrast to the hotel’s ivory-white exterior. From on-site restaurant, Thelma, to the outdoor lounging area and swimming pool, Sikelia Pantelleria is equipped with several amenities. Decor-wise, travelers can expect spaciously vaulted ceilings and archways, a palm tree-fringed swimming pool, and crisp & clean lines that exude refinement. Make sure to keep an eye out for oeuvres d’art by contemporary artist Gennaro Avallone.

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