These Themed Hotel Rooms Are Creative Masterpieces

When you walk through the door, a hotel can transport you to a different place. Whether it be into a scene from a movie, another dimension, or a fantasy, these themed suites are the perfect way to embark on an adventure. From a room inspired by Cinderella’s fairy tale to a room that takes you right into Star Trek, these themed suites are all the rage.

Pulitzer Amsterdam, Art Collector’s Suite (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Inspired by the enormous amount of art that the Pulitzer Amsterdam has collected, the Art Collector’s Suite takes you through different eras with its mix of old and modern art. With paintings hung throughout the space, it feels like stepping into your private gallery from the moment you walk through the door. Bespoke furniture coupled with select vintage pieces and the extensive artwork collection combine to create a maximalist haven perfect for art lovers. 

Riggs Washington DC, The First Lady Suite (Washington D.C.)

With a location in our nation’s capital, it’s only fitting that Riggs Washington DC was inspired by notable former First Ladies when designing their suites. Its most famous suite is an ode to Ida McKinley, the wife of the 25th president of the United States. The suite itself is inspired by McKinley’s love of flowers and plants and highlights how she introduced them to The White House. A blush pink and purple color scheme with hints of green is intended to replicate a flower bouquet, and curated antiques and artwork are placed throughout the suite. 

Madonna Inn, The Love Nest Suite (San Luis Obispo, California) 

The Madonna Inn is a hidden gem between Los Angeles and San Francisco, with 110 themed rooms. The Love Nest suite, which looks like a bright pink paradise, is an Instagrammable suite that shouldn’t be missed. With a winding staircase, private views, and adorning love birds at the entrance to the room, it’s a quintessential spot for a romantic getaway. The French-style furniture and various hues of pink throughout the room only add to the appeal. 

Credit: Corey Stovin

The Plaza, The Eloise Suite (New York, New York) 

While The Plaza has always been home to many famous guests, one of its most iconic is the mythical Eloise. As an ode to Eloise, The Plaza created a suite with the help of designer Betsey Johnson. The hot pink and white room features bold designs—including a zebra-striped carpet—and has Eloise’s clothing, books, toys, and dolls throughout the space. It feels like walking into a real-life version of Eloise at the Plaza, which only makes it feel more special. 

The Roxbury Motel, Cinderella’s Gown Suite (Roxbury, New York)

If you’re looking to live out your version of a fairytale, the Cinderella’s Gown Suite at The Roxbury Motel is the ideal spot. From the moment you walk into the space, you’ll be enchanted by the pumpkin carriage bathroom and the gown that serves as a bed canopy. The rest of the space features orange-colored decor with green branches painted throughout the walls, and it feels like a real-life rendition of the beloved fairytale. 

The Curtis, Final Frontier Suite (Denver, Colorado) 

Devoted Star Trek fans will appreciate the Final Frontier Suite at The Curtis. With life-size cutouts, art inspired by the movie, and decor made to match the USS Enterprise, it truly feels like you stepped onto the big screen. The sci-fi-inspired suite is the perfect interstellar pad to hang out with all the characters from Star Trek.

Black Swan Inn, Garden Suite (Pocatello, Idaho)

Step into your private 17th-century European garden at this suite in the Black Swan Inn. With a terrace and hand-painted murals, it’s the perfect place to escape from the cold winter snow into a garden-inspired retreat. The custom-built gazebo bed, surrounded by twinkling lights and a soothing garden fountain, makes a romantic suite for two. 

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