The 9 Prettiest Restaurants in Amsterdam

Known for its beautiful canals, historic architecture, and colorful fields of tulips, Amsterdam is as quaint as a town in a fairytale. What’s more, it’s home to some of the most delicious and aesthetically pleasing restaurants in the world. From cozy cafés tucked away in narrow streets to sleek eateries with views of the water, the Dutch capital has a dining scene that’s as diverse and charming as the city itself. Whether you’re a foodie in search of your next best meal or simply looking for a spot to enjoy a nice bite, Amsterdam has something for every palette. Ahead, learn more about the prettiest (and most mouthwatering!) restaurants in one of Europe’s most beloved cities.

The Duchess

If you want something sophisticated, chic, and hands down luxurious, put The Dutchess at the top of your list. Located in the former KAS Bank building, this Michelin-starred restaurant has a refined menu that features flavors from Southern France and Italy (known as Nouveau-Niçoise cuisine). The best thing on the menu is the signature Duchess Seafood Pasta, loaded with fresh fish in every bite. Ideal for romantic dinners and special celebrations, The Duchess was made for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

The White Room Amsterdam 

The White Room, a Michelin-starred restaurant aptly named for its stunning all-white interior, is the definition of class. The menu, expertly crafted by acclaimed chef Jacob Jan Boerma, features two tasting menus (Gold and Green) as well as á la carte options. Among its standout dishes, the signature North Sea Crab with red curry, Granny Smith apples, goose liver, and buttermilk is a crowd favorite, praised for its fresh, vibrant flavors and creative presentation. 

Gio’s by the River

Looking for a spot with a little something ~extra~? Head to Gio’s by the River. Here, the interior is extravagant while the menu is all about Italian simplicity. The menu has dishes from different parts of Italy, all of which are made with the very best ingredients. Enjoy everything from Gio’s famous carpaccio to crispy focaccia and drool-worthy pasta. Plus, the interior is pretty incredible, thanks to pink chandeliers, vibrant furnishings, and eclectic artwork.

Restaurant De Kas

With a philosophy rooted in the idea of ‘plant to plate,’ Restaurant De Kas is unlike most. This unique dining destination, located inside a stunning greenhouse, dates back to 1926. The restaurant prides itself on using the freshest ingredients, many of which are grown on-site in the gardens and greenhouse. (They harvest over 300 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and fruits.) The vibe at De Kas is both elegant and outdoorsy, making it a great spot for both food enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The Living Room, by Bodon

The beauty of The Living Room, by Bodon lies in the details. With a lively interior decorated with a blend of marble and gold, this spot will take you back in time. The plush seating, warm lighting, and tasteful decor create an intimate and comfortable setting that’s perfect for travelers who want to drop by for a drink or bite after a day of exploring. The menu harps on French cuisine and includes a range of dishes including everything from steak sandwiches and burrata salad to pumpkin soup and hamburgers.


Rouhi, located in the House of Rituals, is home to Asian cuisine with a modern twist. The menu highlights bold flavors and innovative bites crafted from fresh, high-quality ingredients. One of the standout dishes is the halibut, made with wakame cream, sepia prawn crackers, and carrot-kenjur sauce. Aside from the menu, this restaurant’s interior is equally incredible, thanks to chic leather chairs, dim, cozy lighting, and a warm color palette. 

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is definitely one of Amsteram’s most unique restaurants. This hidden gem has vibrant decor, lush plants, and a dreamy ambiance. What’s more, it specializes in a blend of Japanese and Peruvian food, meaning every dish has a wide range of flavors. Guests can have a formal dinner in the Garden Restaurant, a fun experience in the Bar & Lounge (featuring resident DJs), or a chic drink in the Green Room.

Restaurant Flore

With only 11 tables, this intimate, fine-dining restaurant is set apart from the rest. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared with high-quality ingredients, with the constant dish on the menu being the “vegetable of the moment.” The simple, yet chic interior creates an atmosphere that is both refined and inviting, making this spot ideal for special occasions or intimate celebrations.

Restaurant Vinkeles

With two Michelin stars, Restaurant Vinkeles is a true fine-dining destination. Located in a converted 18th-century bakery, Vinkeles’ interior gives it a cozy yet elegant atmosphere. Executive Chef Jurgen van der Zalm is always looking for ways to bring out new flavors, crafting dishes with premium ingredients. If you want something both sophisticated and unforgettable, you can’t go wrong here.

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