The Best Italian, Greek, and Corsican Villas to Rent This Summer with The Thinking Traveller

Heading to Italy, Greece, or the French island of Corsica, for an upcoming vacation? If you’re not in the mood for a hotel but rather a holiday home, look no further than luxe villa group, The Thinking Traveller. Seriously, each one of their villas is a dream and a half. To help ignite your wanderlust for these sumptuous stays, we’ve rounded up our favorite ones below. 

Casa Nera (Corsica, France) 

California-inspired architecture in Corsica. An unseemly combination? We think yes. The design inspiration for Casa Nera poses semblances to the works of renowned architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe. The orthogonal structure comprises heaps of timber inside and out, which rubs shoulders with glass and brass. With an overall mid-century modern look, the five-bedroom villa features a rectangular infinity pool and terraces with views of the surrounding environs. A hop, skip, and a drive away is the Southern Corsican town of Pianottoli, which has a handful of cute shops & restaurants.

Palazzo Bernadini de Pace (Bagnolo del Salento, Puglia, Italy)

We all want to feel like royalty, especially while on vacation. So, to be your most regal self, book Palazzo Bernadini de Pace in Puglia’s Bagnolo del Salento. Upon entering through the villa’s colonnaded façade, you’re in for a sumptuous treat: a monochromatic white-grey scheme slathers spaces, unimposing impressionist art adorns walls, plus glass doors open up to internal courtyards, manicured gardens, and a pleasant pool.

Pandora (Chora, Patmos, Greece)

Located on the Greek island of Patmos, in the adorable town of Chora, whitewashed four-bedroom villa Pandora stretches three floors tall. The stay brilliantly fuses preserved history with new-age contemporary stylings: mid-century vestiges, in-the-now artwork, and eastern Mediterranean trappings grace spaces. This stay is unimposingly beautiful, from the natural light spilling into the monochromatically furnished living room to the panoramic rooftop terrace overlooking the sea.

Papyrella (Mykonos, Greece)

Mykonos is totally worth the hype for all vibes — from beach enthusiast to chic shopaholic, and nocturnal nightlife goer. Just a ten-minute drive from the island’s locus is the sloped, sea-facing Papyrella. It engulfs six bedrooms that open out to stunning panoramic terraces, a zero-edge pool, window frames slathered in aqua blue paint, plus kitchen and bathrooms outfitted in Greek marble. 

 Tenuta Baroniblei (Vendicari, Sicily, Italy)

The Sicilian city of Vendicari hosts Thinking Traveler villa Tenuta Baroniblei. Expansive sea views serve as the stay’s most common vantage point (…and we’re not complaining). The dwelling’s cutting-edge, ultra-modern architecture separates it from the island’s plethora of historic homes. The svelte saltwater pool and xerophytic-degreed gardens surrounding it are the icings on the cake of this secluded retreat.

Palazzo Alvear  (Noto, Sicily, Italy)

Palazzo Alvear sits in the heart of Noto: a charming Sicilian Italian town kitted out in limestone baroque architecture, untrodden compared to the newly-popular Taormina, where the second season of White Lotus was filmed. This specific villa is on a quiet street right off the main thoroughfare. The main living room stocks impressionist paintings, case-packed antiques, white-grey furniture, and a zebra-patterned ottoman. Sketches of nude men, a colossal tub, and an assortment of skulls decorate the main bedroom. Communal space-wise, the al fresco courtyard, and lounge chair-lined pool make for an idyllic afternoon respite.

Forte San Giorgio (Capraia Island, Tuscan Islands, Italy)

Forte San Giorgio is a refurbished 16th-century fortress on Capraia Island, part of the Tuscan archipelago. Expect numerous al fresco areas, two pools, 11 bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and impeccable sea-facing views.

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