The Design-Forward Mexico Hotel You Need to Visit, Casona Sforza

Located in Puerto Escondido, a bijou beach town in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, design-forward boutique hotel Casona Sforza catches eyes with its standout vaulted roofs and breathtaking setting. The masterpiece was conceptualized by both entrepreneur Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza and renowned architect Alberto Kalach, who spent years garnering inspiration from different places and sketching a constantly evolving blueprint.

Boutique hotels are our thing, and Casona Sforza fits the mold with its thoughtfully designed 11 suites, perfectly proportioned common areas, inviting restaurant & bar, and glistening pool.

Outside, lounge chairs outline the hotel’s circular pool: Looking one direction, you see the structure’s neutral-toned vaulted roofs reflecting the sun; the other, a view of the awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean. Also in the back, a delicious restaurant plus patio serving farm-to-table dishes.

The interior design fuses contemporary styles with artisanal features; expect nods to Puerto Escondido’s attributes: sunsets, the harmonic crashing of waves, and whishing breezes. Sand-yellow brick walls ensconce well-circulated spaces sporting made-in-Mexico furniture: rugs from Teotitlán del Valle, Valley of Oaxaca-assembled textiles, curtains and hammocks from the Yucatán, as well as palm-leaf lamps with Veracruz origins. Other decorative elements such as glassware and cushions were sourced from Pueblo de Sol, a Casona Sforza-financed social project supporting indigenous artisans from a town in the Oaxacan highlands.

Rooms host arched ceilings and bohemian-style décor—beige-adjacent tones, tropical wood, and natural textures are to thank. Ground floor ones are equipped with terraces and private pools, while second-story accommodations boast spa-like indoor tubs and sea-facing balconies.

Sustainability is key at Casona Sforza. Its construction tooled local & natural materials, with not even a pinch of synthetic formula. Other eco-friendly features include a saltwater pool, wastewater treatment plant, and supply of organic handmade products sourced locally: honey, shampoo, and soap, to name a few.

Casona Sforza

4 Stars | Website | Puerto Escondido International Airport

10 | 1 swimming pool; Private beach; Bar | 1

Zicatela Beach; Marinero Beach; Principal Beach

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