The Hotels Above Par Humid Weather Packing Checklist

We all experience the same packing folly: deprioritizing daily essentials in favor of “going out” clothes that leave us sweating the second we’ve exited our temperature-controlled hotel rooms. How many times have you packed not one, not two, but three sequined blouses and not a single white tank? We’re not judging, as we’ve been there, but the stakes of poor packing become significantly higher when you factor in trips to locations with unforgiving humidity. 

That’s why we’ve curated a checklist to reference when packing for hot weather trips — because when you’re under the blistering sun at 2 pm in Positano, you’ll understand the importance of linen pants and a light tank made of 100% cotton. Let’s get started. 

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A plain tee or tank, preferably made of 100% cotton (like this one or this one from Everlane). 

    Leave the jeans at home. Go for linen pants instead. Our favorites are from J.Crew, Madewell, and H&M. This pair from Quince is also great if you prefer a tapered hem.

      Thick crochet cover-ups have been trending and while their craftsmanship is gorgeous to look at, and appropriate in circumstances in which you have direct access to shade, you should not be wearing them to the beach. We’re sweating at the mere thought of sand and yarn. Opt for lighter options instead, like this or this. We also love this terrycloth button-up from Tombolo that happens to have a pocket for bevvies. 

        Travel-sized eucalyptus deodorant from Malin + Goetz or compact to-go wipes that can easily be stashed in a belt bag. No explanation necessary here. 

          Light-colored hat with good airflow. This packable hat from Brixton won’t wrinkle in your carry-on, nor will this Tilley bucket hat

            Anyone with long hair knows that beach waves are excellent in practice but never in execution, especially when it comes to hours-long sightseeing through cities with uphill walking and little to no shade. Do yourself a favor and sweep loose tendrils into a slicked-back bun. The style will hold all day. Tackle baby hairs with the TIGI Bed Head wax stick and finish with a few swipes of a boar bristle brush. You’ll look chic, and the sweat won’t show. 

              Shoulders should be covered in places of worship. We recommend investing in a lightweight button-down like this Alo number made of breathable crinkle-woven fabric for when you need an extra layer. 

                Listen, we understand the appeal of coordinating several handbags to complement every outfit you’ve packed — but that’s not practical, and we can guarantee that you’ll be sweating even more if you’re not careful about your bag choice. The trick is to keep it light: a compact belt bag that can store your essentials (phone, wallet, lip balm) so that it’s not tugging at your shoulder. Our favorites are from Monos and Away. This affordable $12 Amazon one is great, too. 

                  Don’t underestimate the power of a good maxi dress, preferably one with a billowing bottom that allows for extra airflow. Less layers = less sweat. We love this linen number from Free People.  

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