The Most Unique Hotel Spa Treatments Around the World

There aren’t many finer things in life than a decadent spa day filled with lotions and potions, steams and scrubs, robes and rubdowns and soundtracked by Enya. Because, frankly, adulting is hard and seemingly every day new things to stress over pop up in your almost involuntary daily doom scroll. Spoiling yourself with a selfcare session is more important than ever. Probably why someone designated August as National Wellness Month in the first place.

While we would never advocate eschewing exfoliation or skipping a snoozy Swedish — after all something is always better than nothing — not all treatments are created equal. Hotel spas around the world are raising the restorative bar with unusual ingredients, creative techniques, cutting-edge tech and mind-blowing settings. We perused menus looking for the most interesting so that the next time the knot in your neck says “hello,” your skin’s thirsty or you have a terrible case of jetlag, you can head for a property’s pamper palace and treat yo self to something as singular as it is salubrious.

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