The Museum of Ice Cream in New York City: An Instagram Dream Come True

I scream, you scream, we all scream for New York City’s Museum of Ice Cream! 🍦🌈

While the museum has gone on to open several locations throughout the country, its flagship is located in the heart of SoHo. The whimsical museum — which opened in 2019 — spans a whopping 25,000 square feet across three stories. And, unlike most museums, this one certainly lives up to the hype. 

The entire museum comprises 13 other-wordly installations, each of which is practically designed to be photographed. Upon entry, you’ll be asked to get creative by coming up with your own ice cream name. Need some inspiration? Look up at the wall in front of you, which is lined with celebrity ice cream names like Sorbet-yonce, Justin Timbershake, and Oprah Winfreeze.

Next, you’ll make your way through each exhibit as you munch on scoops and sweet treats in between snaps and selfies: Visitors of all ages will appreciate the colorful photo opps, dreamy hues, and, of course, a giant sprinkle pit. (Besides, what else would you expect at the Museum of Ice Cream?) 

Zip down the three-story slide, “ride” the (fake) millennial pink-hued subway, jam out to music, pose under the rainbow arc, and admire the dancing ballerinas. The ice cream-themed playground and jungle gym is another fan-favorite. However, the most popular attraction of all remains to be the Insta-famous sprinkle pool, which is comprised of nearly one-hundred million sprinkles. (Unfortunately, they are not edible.) There’s even an adults-only sprinkle jacuzzi. (Relaxing, right?)

The museum, which is partially guided, takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and half to explore. Once you wrap up your tour, head to the cafe to enjoy specialty cocktails, more scoops, (boozy) milkshakes, and sundaes galore.

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