The Retreats at Sayari Redefine Luxury Safari in the Serengeti

Imagine waking up to the Serengeti’s golden sunrise, the scent of the wild mingling with morning coffee, and not a soul for miles. The Retreats at Sayari offer an unparalleled blend of exclusivity and adventure. Open June to March, these retreats redefine luxury. Think: two-bedroom sanctuaries, extra beds for kids over five, a shared pool, a cozy lounge, and a deck with a sunken fire pit. A private guide, vehicle, host, and chef ensure your stay is beyond exceptional.

Step into a retreat that whispers of Hemingway’s Africa. The design—rustic yet refined—features historical canvas elements and calcrete stone walls. These walls, crafted from ancient volcanic by-products, keep the rooms cool by day and warm by night. It’s a design that breathes with the land, blending indoor elegance with outdoor splendor. Expansive verandas frame the stunning views, making nature an integral part of your stay.

Imagine a private home in the middle of nowhere, yet with every luxury at your fingertips. Your retreat boasts en suite bathrooms, outdoor showers, and bathtubs, blending opulence with nature. Shared pools and lounges promise relaxation, while meals can be enjoyed in your retreat or beneath a canopy of stars.

At Sayari in the untouched plains of northern Serengeti, enjoy prime big cat viewing. The open plains, dotted with granite boulders and termite mounds, are perfect for spotting lions and cheetahs. Plus, you’re in the heart of the Great Migration. From July to November, witness wildebeest and zebra crossing the Mara River. As the green season arrives, the north transforms into a lush haven for resident wildlife.

The Retreats at Sayari are more than a getaway—they’re an experience. Each detail, from the calcrete walls to the expansive verandas, evokes wonder and tranquility. It’s where the wild meets luxury, offering personalized service and unforgettable adventures. Every moment here is crafted to perfection, turning your safari dreams into reality.

Top Takeaways

Location: Tanzania

Rating: Five-star

The vibe: It’s an enchanting blend of wild serenity and refined luxury, where every detail invites you to both unwind and embrace the adventurous spirit of the Serengeti.

Food + Drink: A dedicated chef offers total flexibility with mealtimes and food preferences. Spot something amazing on your game drive? No problem—your guide will notify the chef to delay dinner and make alternative arrangements. For families with young children, this flexibility means everyone enjoys delicious, tailored meals together.

Amenities: Private chef, private driver, semi-private swimming pool, laundry service, WiFi, spa

Any personal neighborhood recs? Since this is a safari location, there’s not a neighborhood. The camp is nestled in the northern reaches of Serengeti National Park, The Retreats at Sayari offer a front-row seat to the spectacular drama of the Great Migration, where thousands of wildebeest thunder across the Mara River.

Our favorite thing about the hotel: The privacy, location, and service are out of this world.

What’s nearby?: Nothing, but that’s the beauty of being in the middle of the wilderness. 

Rooms: There are 2 retreats, each featuring two full-sized bedrooms that open onto a wrap-around deck with sweeping views of the plains.

Pricing: Nightly rates start at $3,000 per retreat.

Closest Airport: Closest airstrip: Kogatende, 20-minutes drive from camp, Arusha is the big airport.

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