These 7 Restaurants Are Perfect for Gluten Free Diners in New York City

Rubirosa NYC

It’s fairly easy to find gluten free options on New York City restaurant menus — and some actually offer selections that are entirely gluten free.

After living in the city for more than five years, journalist Morgan Hines has found spots in Manhattan ranging in dining style and cuisine type that are great for those living a gluten-free lifestyle.

Rubirosa NYC


Over countless visits this pizza spot has never disappointed. Rubirosa serves amazing, thin-crust gluten free pizza. But it doesn’t stop there: the Little Italy restaurant offers a full gluten free menu available by request. In addition to pizza the GF offerings include salads, pastas, apps, dessert and more.

Menu standouts include the gluten free mozzarella sticks, Tie-Dye pizza, Honey Pie, cacio e pepe and the flourless chocolate cake. Keep an eye on seasonal specials, too, as they are always outstanding.

Senza Gluten NYC

Senza Gluten

Open for nearly a decade in the West Village, Senza Gluten offers rustic, romantic vibes and a fully gluten free menu. The restaurant also recently introduced gluten free tortellini with pesto and gluten free cannoli.

Modern Bread & Bagel NYC

Modern Bread & Bagel

With brick and mortar locations on the Upper West Side and in Chelsea, Modern Bread & Bagel has become a sensation on social media thanks to its gluten free bagels. Morgan is not joking when she says she has never had a better gluten free bagel — and her review isn’t unique. Other menu highlights include the cinnamon bun and the chocolate zucchini bread.

Thyme & Tonic NYC

Thyme & Tonic

Located on the Upper West Side, Thyme & Tonic is the sister restaurant to Modern Bread & Bagel. The menu is primarily plant-based and is fully gluten free with plenty of options from pad thai (“One Night in Bangkok”) to a fried plant-based chicken sandwich (“Nashville”) to mahi mahi tacos (not vegan – “Signature Fish Tacos”). The cocktails are not to be missed, either –– the “Thyme & Tonic” is named for the restaurant and is aptly made with thyme-infused gin, lemon-grapefruit juice, grapefruit and rosemary tonic.

Friedman's NYC


In the last five years, Friedman’s plethora of gluten free options have gained popularity with the masses, resulting in six locations across the city. A local neighborhod jaunt for brunch and dinner, nearly every menu item can be made without gluten. The pancakes are fluffy and filling. The “B.E.L.T.” featuring over-easy egg, thick cut bacon, tomato, lettuce and an herb aioli is perfect for a Saturday or Sunday morning, while dinner options like the “Grilled Chicken Swisswich” are great, too.


Koi Restaurant

Sushi is a great option for anyone avoiding gluten in general, and Koi’s menu is spectacular. Located in the Bryant Park Hotel, this restaurant is a great spot for a date night or a business dinner. Start with an order of the “Koi Crispy Rice” topped with spicy tuna, yellowtail tartare and truffle avocado. The “Northern Lights Roll” is also worth ordering – this roll has a decadent feel featuring salmon sashimi on snow crab, avocado and cucumber with black truffle. Gluten free soy sauce is available, too.

Lucciola NYC


Situated at 91st and Amsterdam on the Upper West Side, Lucciola is special. Chef Michele Casadei Massari offers plenty of gluten free options on his ever-changing menu and takes special care to tend to allergy-related needs. Plus, the food served at the cozy yet luxe Italian restaurant is divine – it reaches near artistic standards – and the wine selection is stellar. For a dining experience unlike any other, Lucciola offers a “No-Menu” option: guests can select either seven or nine courses to be led through a meal by the chef himself.

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