These Are the Most Affordable Ways to Travel Around Europe This Summer

This summer, more travelers than ever are visiting European destinations. During your travels, the easiest way to hop between European countries is by public transportation. It’s not only great for the environment, but also easy to use and time-saving. For that reason, many major European cities are launching unlimited transportation passes to help travelers get around. Below, all the ways to get around a few of the major European countries this summer. 

When Traveling in France:

Those traveling through France should utilize the SNCF train system, which offers high-speed rail service to other European countries and throughout most cities in the country. It’s best to book tickets in advance since they do tend to increase in price and may sell out. For those traveling through Paris, the city offers a Paris Visite travel pass that offers unlimited public transport on busses and metro lines. 

When Traveling in Portugal: 

The national rail system for Portugal, called Comboios de Portugal or ‘CP”, has a variety of discounts for the summer travel season. For instance, the Tourist Travelcard gives unlimited use of train lines across different cities. In addition, young travelers should look into the European Youth Card, which provides a 25% off discount on select train services. 

When Traveling in Italy:

Looking to travel between Italy’s major cities? The Trenitalia is your best bet. It offers high-speed trains that can get you practically everywhere in a matter of hours. In addition, Rome has several public transport options, including rail, light rail, and bus. 

When Traveling in Spain:

The Renfe, Spain’s main rail system, runs more than 5,000 trains daily across the country to connect all major cities. In addition, all major cities, such as Barcelona and Madrid, have local publication transportation on buses or rails. Madrid’s Metro also has a Tourist Ticket with unlimited daily use of public transportation. 

When Traveling in Greece:

Using Greece’s Hellenic Train Service is one of the most convenient ways to connect between a whole slew of cities in the country. The service offers discounts of 25% when tickets are purchased at least 60 days in advance. 

In all of Greece’s major cities, public transportation is easily accessible. For example, the Athens Metro has multiple service lines throughout the city. It offers a ‘Tourist Ticket’ option that provides three days of unlimited public transportation. Ferries are also an easy way to get to many of the islands. 

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