This Beachy Boutique Hotel in Peru Is Worth the Long Trip

The journey to Paracas can be quite an odyssey. The coastal city, located three and a half hours away from Lima by car, is a hike to get to, but it’s well worth the journey, especially when staying at the Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection Resort

Paracas, located at the very northern point of the driest desert in the world, offers stunning vistas both of land and sea. And taking advantage of all of this is the Hotel Paracas. The 120-room resort was designed by native talent Bernardo Fort-Brescia, ​​who has managed to create an oasis amidst the coastal desert (a seemingly oxymoronic ecosystem that is part of Paracas’ intrigue). The original Hotel Paracas was unfortunately demolished during an earthquake in the summer of 2007, but the renewed property rises from the proverbial ashes, with two-story bungalows drawing inspiration from their natural surroundings. 

Indeed, you’ll likely spend the majority of your time at the Hotel Paracas outside thanks to the dispersed design. Rooms are spread across a series of buildings at this beachfront property, and each features floor-to-ceiling windows to ensure that you won’t miss out on the truly stunning views of the ocean. Lines are clean, sharp, and simple; neutral tones pervade (thanks to the use of $2 million worth of bamboo) but are accented by bright pops of color like oceanic blues and cheery yellows. Hardwood floors and elegant linen bedding make rooms feel cool no matter how warm it is outside, and bathrooms feature both soaking tubs and large showers. 

Thanks to the presence of plenty of greenery on the property, the resort feels like part of the waterfront ecosystem. And given the location, it’s no surprise that water-based activities are at the heart of this resort. That includes two enormous pools (both heated for year-round use, and one specifically for families) with plenty of cabanas for shaded lounging, as well as complimentary watersports like kayaking, snorkeling, paddle surfing, and catamaran excursions. There’s also sand biking for folks looking for a real cardiovascular workout on the beach. For folks with larger budgets, there’s also a private jet to charter for aerial views of the Nazca desert, pisco tastings at the nearby Viñas de Oro distillery (careful, it’s strong!), and some off-roading in the desert. 

If you’re looking for more of a restful trip to Paracas, fret not — there’s also a beautiful and surprisingly large spa boasting a wide range of beauty treatments and wellness offerings. The Hotel Paracas Spa also borrows from its surroundings, incorporating local elements like Andean cocoa, tea, grapes, and seaweed. Should you be traveling with family, the spa provides a perfect escape from the kids’ club that is designed specifically for visitors between the ages of five and 12, and offers kid-friendly arts and crafts, video games, and other activities. 

Also, there’s plenty to eat at the hotel thanks to three restaurants and two bars. There’s the easy-going Trattoria, which as the name suggests, offers Italian food; Chalana, an oceanfront locale offering beautiful vistas and fresh seafood; and finally, Ballestas, the crown jewel of the hotel, specializing in Peruvian fare with global twists. Oh, and breakfast is included with your stay, so be sure to delight in fresh fruits, juices, and other traditional breakfast fare. 

So whether you’re looking for water adventures, desert exploration, or some much-needed R&R, the trip to Hotel Paracas is well worth the time. 

Top Takeaways

Location: Paracas, Peru

Rating: Five-Star

The Vibe: Simple, clean, and modern elegance with plenty of natural influences – both aesthetically and architecturally 

Food + Drink: There are three restaurants and two bars at the hotel offering a variety of cuisines and beverages; breakfast is included. 

Amenities: Spa; fitness center; swimming pool; restaurant; bar; concierge; kids’ club, meeting rooms 

Our Favorite Thing About the Hotel: The main pool, with its stunning views of the hotel’s facade, is a great place to spend an entire day 

What’s Nearby? Paracas National Reserve, Islas Ballestas, Paracas Candelabra, Playa Roja, Playa de la Mina

Rooms: 120

Pricing: Rooms start at $210/night  

Closest Airport: Jorge Chavez International Airport

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