This Chic Mountain Lodge in the Catskills Is the Essence of Summer Camp

You may not think you want to go back to summer camp, but spend a few days at the Urban Cowboy Lodge in the Catskills, and you’ll be singing a different tune. But this isn’t the summer camp of yore where cabin lodgings didn’t come with running water or electricity, and a gourmet meal consisted of PB&J sandwiches and s’mores. Instead, Urban Cowboy Lodge takes the idea of country living to a whole new standard. 

Just two and a half hours away from Manhattan, the Lodge is situated in the Big Indian Wilderness in the Catskills, which could not be further away from New York City in spirit. Take, for example, the blessed lack of cell phone reception once you turn off Route 28. But with views from the high hill upon which the Lodge is set against 68 acres of some of the prettiest land you’ll find in the state of New York, you won’t lament your inability to Tik Tok, we promise. 

If Urban Cowboy sounds familiar, that’s because the Catskills location is actually the brand’s third — the first two are in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (from which the Lodge draws most of its sensibilities and style) and in Nashville, Tennessee. This location, however, is the first that emphasizes the cowboy rather than the urban — look no further than the Native American prints and rustic decor to make that clear. 

Make no mistake — the Lodge is, in fact, a lodge. The wooden structure leverages trees both for aesthetic and structural purposes; take, for example, the bar inside the hotel, which is built around a tree. The vibe is distinctly Brooklyn-meets-Hobbiton, which is exactly as charming and as unique as it sounds. The property boasts a host of lodges and cabins that overlook the Esopus Creek and a number of campfire-ready pits that are made for marshmallow roasting. 

The cabins themselves are country chic at their finest — if you’re looking for a standalone clawfoot tub to sink into, boy have you come to the right place. Well-worn leather, bold prints (not only on blankets, but also on the Clint Van Gemert wallpaper patterns), and potbelly stoves are the not-so-ironic accents you can find in the various rooms. And if you’re not a fan of hearing your neighbors — a luxury in New York City — this Lodge has you covered. There are 28 total rooms found across five buildings, which means that your neighbors are relatively few and far between, and you’re more likely to hear the crickets outside than human beings.

That said, if you’re craving human interaction, there are large communal spaces where you can hang out with your fellow big city escapees. There’s the aforementioned bar, as well as the Parlor, a sitting room centered around a stone fireplace. Be sure to check out the Den as well, a lower-level hangout with a pool and backgammon table, and plenty of space to just veg out. 

The self-contained lodge also offers on-site dining, with a live-fire restaurant called Public House that highlights outdoor cooking with foraged ingredients, and a seasonal menu intended to encourage communal interactions. There are also plenty of local beers and international wines, plus a well-curated cocktail program (which you can also imbibe in your room). 

When it comes to activities, the draw of the Catskills is undoubtedly the many miles of mountain trails, but you can also check out the Lodge’s hand-built Estonian sauna, nightly communal bonfires, and the aforementioned Esopus Creek that is ideal for fishing or taking a cold plunge. During the summer, you can also partake in axe throwing, yoga, Tarot readings, and mushroom hunting. So whether you’re an urbanite looking for your inner cowboy, or a cowboy looking for your next adventure, head over to the Catskills and the Urban Cowboy Lodge for an unforgettable experience. 

Top Takeaways

Location: Big Indian, New York 

Rating: Five-Star

The Vibe: Brooklyn meets Hobbiton

Food + Drink: Don’t miss Public House for great eats and great company

Amenities: Bar, free wi-fi

Any neighborhood recs? Since you’re in the area, check out Phoenicia Diner, the locally-focused mainstay that operates only on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Our Favorite Thing About the Hotel: Every room boasts a claw foot tub that is perfect for the R&R you so desperately seek. 

What’s Nearby? Phoenicia Diner, Catskill Mountains, Woodstock (if you’re willing to drive a little further)

Rooms: 28 rooms 

Pricing: Rooms start at $225/night  

Closest Airport: Albany International Airport

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