This Hotel Allows You To Be In Two Countries At Once

Ever wonder what it would be like to be in two countries at once? Well, a visit to Hotel Arbez Fanco-Suisse, also called L’Arbézie, allows guests to sleep in both at the same time. 

Housed atop the Jura mountains, which separate France and Switzerland, the property is located in a quaint town. The small family-run hotel sits atop the international borders and kept its position, thanks to a mid-19th century treaty called the 1862 Treaty of Dappes. In the treaty, the two counties agreed to a small territorial swap so the French would have full control of a strategic road nearby. 

Within the treaty, a provision was made to allow any buildings on the border to remain in place, which is how the hotel has its position within the two countries. Half of the hotel is in Switzerland and the other half is in France with the international border dividing the restaurant and a few of the rooms.

During the war, the hotel served as a haven for fugitives and members of the French resistance on the Swiss Side. The other side of the hotel was occupied by German soldiers although neither could enter the territory of the opposite. Nowadays, the hotel is the perfect stop for skiers or adventurers who want access to the nearby Alps. 

Onsite, the hotel has two restaurants. The one on the French side serves an elegant multi-course meal whereas the Swiss side serves a lighter fare. Arguably the most notable draw is the fact that in some rooms, guest sleep with their heads in France and their feet in Switzerland.

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