This May Be the Only Place with Alligator on the Menu in New York City

Credit: Anton Khmarun

The kitchen serves Creole cuisine, the space can house up to 500 people, and the bar is adorned with the quote: “A bite from a pear is better than a kiss from an alligator.” This is Alligator Pear, the premier force behind gastronomy and nightlife in the Garment District.

Credit: Hannah Zimmerman with bitesizedstudios

While “alligator pear” implies avocado, rising star New Orleans native Chef Dominick Lee does not have any listed on the menu. New Orleans flair is married with Irish hospitality in this recently-opened, immersive space. Echoing the Art Deco design spirit of Midtown Manhattan, the restaurant boasts three floors that are ideal for an evening on the town or a grand celebration.

Credit: Anton Khmarun

Bold flavors are complemented by a keen focus on seasonal ingredients within this progressive Creole menu. Wholly informed by the meals and culture of his childhood, Chef Lee is now offering some of the Big Easy’s most popular dishes in the Big Apple.

Credit: Hannah Zimmerman with bitesizedstudios

Farmed alligator from Louisiana––an ingredient Lee regards as “chicken of the swamp”––Tempura Alligator Bites are finished with popcorn spice and basil, and served with housemade thousand island dressing. Grandma Dabon’s Stew Shrimp and Okra is a dish by Chef Lee’s grandmother that he grew up eating, consisting of slow-cooked okra topped with fresh tomatoes, blackened shrimp, and popcorn rice. The Creole Cream Cheese Gnocchi is made with Creole cream cheese similar to ricotta sold at local stores in NOLA and turned into gnudi pasta; the cherry tomato sauce Lee learned to make during his time in Sicily, re-discovering his family heritage.

The beverage program showcases an extensive array of seasonal craft cocktails, as well as curated spirits and zero-proof beverages. With New Orleans as its birthplace, it should come as no surprise that the bar proffers various iterations of America’s first cocktail––the Sazerac. The Creole Sazerac is reminiscent of the staple found in NOLA, while the Forbidden Sazerac is more mysterious. The state’s designation below the Mason-Dixon line guarantees a spot for the Clarified Moonshine Sour.

Credit: Hannah Zimmerman with bitesizedstudios

Lee’s own interpretations of “Nawlins” classic sweets include Beignets, dusted in cinnamon sugar and shaken in a branded paper bag. Café Brûlot has also earned a place: served at some of New Orleans’ most venerable restaurants, this libation comes with its own interactive tableside experience replete with flames and a serving large enough for four people. With rich coffee flavors balanced with notes of citrus and clove, Café Brûlot is a visually stunning finish to any meal.

Credit: Hannah Zimmerman with bitesizedstudios

Evoking the live street performers and jazz clubs of Louisiana, the restaurant features music and live entertainment six days a week. 

With its remarkable blend of inspired interior design, tantalizing Creole dishes, and captivating drinks, Alligator Pear is poised to become a haven for those seeking an immersive, sensory tasting journey.

Top Takeaways

Location: Midtown West, New York City

Address: 150 West 30th Street (between 7th Avenue & Avenue of The Americas), New York, NY 10001

Cuisine: Creole

Price Point: $$

Takes Reservations: Yes – OpenTable

The Vibe: New Orleans flair paired with Irish hospitality breathing new life into Manhattan’s Garment District.

Our favorite thing on the menu: It’s no surprise that the Tempura Alligator Bites at this NOLA-inspired spot are our favorite dish. Plus, don’t skip dessert: Chef Dominick Lee is serving Beignets

The attire based on the vibe: Smart Casual

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner: Dinner: Monday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. The restaurant will be open seven days a week for lunch, brunch, and dinner the first week of September.

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