Hotel Zoom-In: Tierra Atacama

Tierra Atacama (@tierrahotels) is a haven set within the world’s driest setting, Chile’s Atacama Desert. Here, guests can expect star-abundant night skies, high altitude lagoons, mineral-filled hot springs, active geysers, towering peaks, distanced volcanoes, and arid landscapes that make you feel like you’re on the moon. Located in proximity to the old town of San Pedro de Atacama, the hotel offers a wide variety of activities, ranging from horseback riding to village tours to volcano hiking. Travelers in need of refreshment can look no further than the on-site Uma Spa, which has a treatment menu celebrating three key hallmarks of the location: The desert, native flora, and ancient therapies inspired by local indigenous groups. With a mid-century interior and 32 rooms — all equipped with private terraces, some with private outdoor showers — the hotel was built with an emphasis on paying homage to what makes the destination so beautiful. The preceding is exhibited in its build, which incorporates the locale’s pervasively-found adobe & rock and its meticulously-designed furniture sourced from the area’s revered artisans and craftsmen. The hotel’s pool has a line of crescent-moon-carved sun loungers, from which guests can admire awe-inspiring desert and mountain views. Cap off the evening with a glass of Chilean wine on the hotel deck.

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