Where To Find Natural Wine in Austin, Texas

Aficionados and newbies alike are encouraged to explore Austin, Texas’ love affair with the global natural wine movement. From carefully curated bottle shops to homey wine bars, we’ve crafted a list of our favorite venues to savor the nuances of natural wine.

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In keeping with their ever-changing daily menus inspired by the culinary traditions of France and Italy, the natural wine list at Birdie’s presents classic and contemporary producers, emphasizing mindful farming and minimal cellar intervention.

Credit: Alex Parker

Cork & Screw

A collaborative venture by Tatanka Guerrero––behind Austin’s arguably most elusive speakeasy Trona––and Hannah Heard, this haven promotes producers committed to organic and biodynamic winemaking practices. Nestled within Camp East, Cork & Screw offers a grab-and-go service, or patrons can grab a chilled bottle and kick back in their sprawling outdoor space. 

Golden Hour

With a focus on building community, this cafe and bottle shop weaves the essence of natural, minimal intervention wines, specialty coffee, and seasonal, European-influenced cuisine. The name pays homage to the enchanting period shortly after sunrise or before sunset, where daylight takes on a redder and softer hue. At Golden Hour, moments inspired by these times of day become a canvas for fostering meaningful connections and unwinding with purpose.


Most may not realize the team at Elementary also oversees the moody, intimate wine bar next door. Possibly South Lamar’s best-kept secret, Hopscotch pours natural wines by the glass and showcases different women-owned bottles for purchase. In keeping with their playful yet educational motif––and to reduce food waste––the small bites are “borrowed” from Elementary. Plus, their only dessert is chocolate chip cookies, proving they are better enjoyed with “juice” over milk.

June’s All Day

Situated on a sundrenched corner of South Congress Avenue, June’s All Day embodies the spirit of a Parisian café while staying true to Austin’s quirkiness. The quaint patio is perfect for people-watching and pet-friendly hangs, while inside, patrons will find a vintage jukebox, snug banquette seating, and a marble bar. The eccentrically designed wine menu includes tasting notes and food pairing suggestions. The red wine offerings are the most extensive, with an entire page dedicated to sparkling varietals. Larger groups should indulge in one of the Magnum bottles.


Named for the Basque drink of the same name, Kalimotxo emulates the social drinking culture of Spain. Natural wines sourced from the Iberian Peninsula are available by the glass, bottle, or porrón––a traditional glass wine pitcher created in Catalonia. Holding 0.75 liters, these vessels allow everyone in a party to drink from the same vessel without touching it to their lips.


Tucked between Hotel Vegas and Volstead Lounge, LoLo is an inviting natural wine bar and bottle shop. The meticulous assemblage highlights hundreds of options sourced from independent, boutique farmers, distributors, and importers. Complete with a converted patio and mid-century Parisian lamps, the relaxed atmosphere offers a respite from East Sixth’s lively surroundings.

The Meteor Cafe

From two friends turned business partners comes The Meteor Cafe, an all-day destination combining their shared loves of food, wine, coffee, and cycling. The collection is more like a library, with over 400 natural wines from which to choose. Prominently displayed on wood shelves along the right-hand section of the space, wine lovers can gather over a glass and sourdough pizza or whilst working remotely. Opt for something from their own aptly named “The Meteor Gang” selection.

Rosie’s Wine Bar

MML Hospitality took over this iconic Mission Revival-style building at the corner of West Sixth Street and Blanco in Old West Austin in 2022, and it metamorphized into two distinct concepts: Howard’s Bar and Rosie’s Wine Bar. Accented with red-hued seats and planters, the steel tables that line the brick-laden patio are highly coveted. Inside, the cozy interiors are akin to the wine bars of Europe, flaunting subway-tiled walls; a long, wood bar; and a mirror detailing the menu of the day. Knowledgeable waitstaff are eager to offer their recommendations from the short yet sweet wine list. Do not be intimidated by the amount of skin contact varietals; this is the place to try something new.

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