This Is the “World’s Skinniest Hotel”

Curious about what it’s like to stay in the world’s skinniest hotel? Well, visiting the Piturooms in Indonesia will allow you to do just that. 

The owner built it on a piece of land with an odd, slender size, which, in turn, left it unwanted amongst local real estate developers. Now, it’s the home of PituRooms (“Pitu” is Javanese for seven). Recently opened, the hotel is just nine feet across, five floors high, and seven total rooms. 

The hotel’s slim width sets a world record as “The World’s Skinniest Hotel.” And that superlative is exactly what hotel creator Ary Indra envisioned: to accumulate attention for the small Indonesian town hosting it, Salatiga. Situated 300 miles southeast of Jakarta, the village is mainly unknown to foreigners. Instead, people tend to head to the nearby island of Bali for their holidays—but Indra is trying to change that and pull in more visitors to Salatiga, advocating for its thrumming food scene, authentic culture, and amicable quality of life. 

Each room befits a double bed and a small bathroom with a shower plus toilet—that’s about it. Even though rooms are skinny, Indra ensured every interior was individualistic, equipping local artwork and furnishings that differed in design compared to the one next door.

In addition to the rooms, the property also has a rooftop restaurant that guests or locals can enjoy. Also on the agenda are future plans to host events and art exhibitions. 

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