You Might Soon Be Able to Swim in the Seine on Your Next Trip to Paris

With the 2024 Olympics quickly approaching, Paris has grand plans to clean up the metropolis ahead of the competition. Aside from transforming the city’s iconic landmarks into backdrops for sporting events, Paris is in full preparation mode to make the Seine its centerpiece for the upcoming games. In fact, the Seine will serve as part of the Olympics as a venue for open water swimming, paratriathlon, and triathlon competitions. 

With the poor water quality, swimming was officially banned back in 1923. Since 2018, the French capital has put lots of effort into the “Swimming Plan,” which was a cleaning initiative meant to make the Seine swimmable again. While 1.55 billion dollars was spent to clean up the river, the upcoming Olympic games helped speed up the process. To improve water quality, two disinfection units have been operating tirelessly all summer long.

After the 2024 Summer Olympics, the city claims the Seine will finally be utilized as a leisurely swimming spot once again. Starting in 2025, the public will be able to swim at three bathing sites along the river: Bras Marie, Bras de Grenelle, and Bercy. Each swimming area will be marked by buoys and have pontoons available as transportation. In addition, designated spaces for changing, showering, and storing belongings will be provided.

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