12 Perfumes that Take You Around the World

Scent is a compelling thing. Catch a whiff of butter browning on the stove, and you’ll swear you can taste your mom’s chocolate-chip cookies fresh out of the oven, or smell the stench of tequila from across the bar, and get a painful reminder of drunken nights and bad decisions from years past. But have you ever felt instantly transported somewhere across the world with a simple perfume spray? Whether this is an experience you seek in every purchase or a concept entirely new, you’re in for a treat because these 12 fragrances evoke storied journeys through every corner of the globe, from the South of France to the harbors of Vietnam to the depths of the Amazon. And if you ask us, they’re even more enticing when worn there. 

Bond No. 9 New York Nights: New York City

This perfume is decadent, sophisticated, and deeply nuanced—just like the city that inspired it. Floral notes of jasmine, gardenia, and carnation are paired with patchouli, caramel, and New York’s favorite scent, coffee, to celebrate the city that never sleeps and the memorable nights spend amongst its legendary streets.

Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum: Paris

You simply can’t think of Paris without thinking of Chanel No 5. The iconic fragrance—and indeed, the first eau de parfum in history—took the city by storm in 1968, and its rich May rose, jasmine, citrus, bourbon, and vanilla scent has been synonymous with Paris ever since.

Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Inspired by Diptyque co-founder Yves Couesland’s summers spent in Do Son, Vietnam, this fragrance captures the heady, spicy scent of tuberose and the sweetness of orange blossom as they are carried away by a gentle sea breeze. 

Aqua di Parma Arancia di Capri Eau de Toilette: Capri, Italy

Just thinking of Italy’s colorful island of Capri evokes images of sunny beaches, crystal blue seawater, and endless lemon groves—and this fragrance from Aqua di Parma does the same. With bright notes of orange, mandarin, and lemon alongside petitgrain, cardamom, caramel, and musk, this intoxicating perfume will have you sipping limoncello and tasting Linguine Vongole in no time.

Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau de Parfum: Egypt

Cleopatra was the queen (pun intended) of little bottles of beauty (pun intended), and her signature scent included cinnamon, cardamom, myrrh, and pine to craft the ultimate spicy seduction. Leave it to Tom Ford, our modern king of olfactory temptation, to create the natural incarnation of this ancient perfume, with Oud Wood, a rich, dark blend of exotic spices and smoky woods.

Costa Brazil Aroma Eau de Parfum: The Amazon Jungle

Have you ever dreamed of waking up in the middle of the jungle at dawn? Whether that sounds like an absolute dream or your worst nightmare, this fragrance from Costa Brazil will do the trick—wildlife not included. White jungle flora, Brazil orange oil, pink pepper, grapefruit zest, and geranium bourbon meet to create a complex scent that will have you booking your flight to Brazil after just one whiff.

ELLIS Brooklyn APRÉS Eau de Parfum: Aspen, Colorado

There’s something about the fresh alpine air that just brings instant joy, and Ellis Brooklyn’s APRÉS perfume is no different. With dewy notes that recall fresh snow and lush evergreens combined with bold notes of bourbon, praline, and vanilla, one spritz of this fragrance, and you’ll swear you’re holding a hot toddy and taking in the view of the mountains.

Jo Malone London Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne: London

Nothing says London quite like afternoon tea. This bold but inviting scent from Jo Malone features a burst of bergamot, an Early Grey signature, alongside cool and crunchy cucumber to create a perfume as refined and polished as the city that inspired it.

Byredo Sundazed Eau de Parfum: Southern California

One of Byredo’s most popular scents, Sundazed encapsulates the carefree summer days and ocean air that have become synonymous with Southern California. Sunny top notes of mandarin and Californian lemon meet a bold center of neroli and jasmine to offer the ultimate nostalgia-filled escape of an endless summer.

Kilian Paris Moonlight in Heaven Eau de Parfum: Thailand

Kilian Hennessy, the man behind the eponymous fragrance house, spent his honeymoon in Thailand and was so enthralled by its myriad scents—particularly of the country’s beloved mangy rice dessert—that he made it his mission to recreate the experience when he returned to Paris. The result, Moonlight in Heaven, offers a taste of grapefruit and mango atop roasted tonka beans.

Krigler Voyage Au Paradis 56 Perfume: French Riviera

First blended in 1956, Voyage Au Paradis, from renowned perfumery Krigler, conjures sun-drenched beaches, a sparkling sea, and stories of great romance as only the French can craft. The iconic blend boasts notes of bergamot, orange, and jasmine paired with carway, musk, Osmanthus, and frangipani to transport you—and your state of mind—to pure paradise.

Aesop Marrakech Intense Eau de Parfum: Marrakech, Morocco

This raw and alluringly complicated perfume from Aesop pays homage to the Moroccan city of Marrakech through woody, spicy notes, like clove and cardamom, and fresh florals, like sandalwood and jasmine. 

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent: Australian Coast

Australia’s expansive coast brings to mind images of bronzed bodies, sunkissed hair, and never-ending summer days, and Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess perfume follows suit. With its notes of coconut, vanilla, amber, mandarin, and tiare flower, the beach escape never has to end.

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