Experience Culinary Splendor in Mexico City at Chef Enrique Olvera’s Exclusive Polanco Bed and Breakfast

In recent years, Mexico City has cemented its place as a true gastronomic capital of the world. Indeed, the recently announced 2024 Michelin Guide recognized a whopping 66 restaurants across the city with various Stars and Gourmands, including two stars for Pujol, one of the city’s best-known institutions. And in a city known for its food, why not stay in a hotel that shares the same Epicurean ethos? Welcome to Casa Teo, a bed and breakfast from none other than Chef Enrique Olvera, otherwise known as the mastermind of Pujol itself. 

Located in the beautiful Polanco district, Casa Teo, which opened its doors in 2017, is a study in hospitality as defined and lived by Olvera. The space—which is really a posh apartment—has been personally curated by Olvera. Initially intended as a crash pad for some of the chef’s friends from around the world, the two-bedroom property has now been turned into one of the most exclusive stays in the city. 

A one-flight walkup, Casa Teo is a fully self-serviced experience that offers guests a true Mexico City experience. With no traditional check-in or concierge to speak of (you can find this property either on Airbnb or on Expedia), your time at Casa Teo is entirely what you make of it, with a few food-focused amenities like freshly baked pastries, yogurts, and other snacks made available. 

The heart of the apartment—unsurprising given its ownership—is an expansive open kitchen (which guests are encouraged to use) with a large central table entirely bathed in natural light. Whether you’re looking to get a little work done or enjoy a freshly cooked meal (prepared either by yourself or perhaps by one of Olvera’s talented sous chefs), it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing and eating your way through the city. 

Designed as a counterpoint to the fast-paced tempo of kitchen life, Olvera sought to create a calming, soothing environment that leverages natural textures and materials like wood and clay throughout the apartment. Tones are kept neutral with soft greys, light wood, and the occasional pop of greenery. But that doesn’t mean that the space is mundane—rather, the impressively curated art collection pays homage to the incredibly creative culture in Mexico City, with pieces from artists including Jan Hendrix, Hilda Palafox Poni, and Lucía Prudencio. Be sure to also check out the library, which contains a wealth of books focused on—what else—cooking and ingredients and are said to serve as some of the inspiration for Olvera’s food. 

The two rooms in Casa Teo are perfect either for individual travelers or for families; one features a queen-sized bed, while the other offers two twin beds. The furniture is sleek, modern, and comfortable, and the two-and-a-half bathrooms are simple and efficient. 

While you won’t find the traditional trappings of a hotel at Casa Teo, that doesn’t mean that you can’t expect top-notch service. When you book a stay at the hotel, you’ll not only have special access to difficult-to-reserve tables at Pujol, but you can also request special culinary or sightseeing experiences depending on your particular preferences. 

So if you’re in search of a stay that truly puts you in the heart of Mexico’s culinary achievement, a few nights in Casa Teo is an absolute must. 

Top Takeaways

Location: Mexico City, Mexico 

Rating: Five-Star

The Vibe: Minimalistic hospitality centered around food 

Food + Drink: Breakfast-friendly snacks are provided, and while there is no restaurant in this apartment, it’s run by one of the best chefs on the continent. 

Amenities: Full-equipped kitchen

Our Favorite Thing About the Hotel: The central communal table is truly a sight to behold and the perfect place to have a cup of coffee or a cocktail 

5 Nearby Attractions: Parque America, Republica Del Líbano Garden, Museo Nacional de Antropología, Chapultepec Castle, Soumaya museum

Any Personal Neighborhood Recs?: Obviously, go to Pujol without question.

Rooms: 2 bedrooms 

Pricing: Rooms start at $450 per night.  

Closest Airport: Mexico City International Airport

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