Embark on a Gastronomic Adventure Through One of Barcelona’s Famed Restaurants

In the Asturian dictionary, “llamber” possesses several meanings: “Snack on something continuously or every few hours”; “eat something savory to the palate”; “taste something sweet”; and even “to pass the tongue over something or someone.” Located in the heart of Barcelona’s El Born area, Llamber stands at the embodiment of these definitions, inviting patrons on a gastronomic journey exploring the vibrant flavors of Catalonia.

This chic, contemporary restaurant captivates both locals and discerning travelers with its innovative approach to traditional dishes and commitment to showcasing the region’s rich culinary heritage. Diners are treated to a seamless fusion of traditional Catalan dishes with a modern twist, curated by the expertise of Chef Francisco Heras.

Llamber prides itself on sourcing the freshest local ingredients, ensuring that each dish exudes authentic stories and tastes that pay homage to the region’s roots.

The ambiance effortlessly evokes the warm and inviting atmospheres of traditional eateries with a touch of modern elegance. The contemporary décor, featuring exposed brick walls adorned with striking artwork, creates a chic yet relaxed setting. The inviting terrace provides the ideal perch for people-watching while savoring each course.

Llamber’s menu reflects the essence of Catalan cuisine, beginning with a selection of small bites on which to nosh “while you decide” on the dishes for the courses to follow. Tapas are not to be missed, ranging from Iberic ham or Gamonéu cheese croquetes, as well as dates stuffed with chorizo and minced meat wrapped in bacon with an acid cider sauce and Roxmut.

Seafood enthusiasts will delight in the exquisite array of locally-caught offerings such as Octopus with citrus wheat purée and crunchy potatoes, plus Black pudding with grilled squid and its ink’s roasted juice. Carnivores can indulge in the “Little Chicken” arroz with aioli and beans.

The inventive desserts are all prepared to be easily enjoyed in one spoonful. Nuestra Tarta Sara is served on a porcelain plate reminiscent of a French toile. An homage to the late cinema and theater actress Sarah Bernhardt, the pastry is composed of crunchy dough, peach cream, and almonds. The most novel option is the Ninyo-Yaki Casadielles––a typical Asturian sweet, consisting of rolled wheat flour flavored with Anis del Mono, these are instead more like a truffle dusted with powdered sugar and filled with anise and Sichuan-peppered walnuts.

Accompanied by an extensive selection of wines carefully curated to complement each dish, the dining experience at Llamber is nothing short of extraordinary.

For an unrivaled dining experience that marries tradition with innovation, be sure to book a table at Llamber. 

Top Takeaways

Location: El Born, Barcelona

Address: C/ de la Fusina, 5, 08003, Barcelona

Cuisine: Asturian and Catalonian

Price Point: $$$

Takes reservations?: Yes, reservations can be booked HERE.

The vibe: Traditional Catalonian eatery meets contemporary elegance

Our favorite items on the menu: Croquetas de queso or croquetas caseras de jamón; either of the Patatinas; Dates stuffed with chorizo and minced meat wrapped in bacon with an acid cider sauce and Roxmut; Octopus with citric wheat purée and crunchy potatoes; Black pudding with grilled squid and its ink’s roasted juice; “Little chicken” arroz with aioli and beans; Ninyo-Yaki “Casadielles” of anise and Sichuan-peppered walnuts.

The attire: Smart Casual

Hours of operation: Llamber is open seven days a week, from 1pm to midnight. The kitchen is open from 1pm to 11pm.

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