Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Flying With a Dog

If you’ve considered flying with your pup, chances are you have a few questions. You see, information on traveling with your furry friend isn’t readily available, yet there’s so much to know before embarking on a journey. So, if you’re considering bringing your dog with you on your next getaway, here are a few common questions about flying with your dog. 

Can I fly with my dog on a plane? 

In most cases, your dog can fly with you on the plane in some way or another. However, airlines have specific guidelines for travelers with pets, so check with your airline to see what type of breeds they allow in the cabin or the cargo hold. For instance, most larger dogs aren’t allowed in the cabin (with the exception of trained service dogs, of course), and other breeds aren’t allowed to fly at all. 

When booking your flight reservation, it’s important to book the ticket for both you and your pet simultaneously since most airlines only allow a certain number of pets per flight. 

Is flying stressful for dogs? 

Since flying isn’t part of your dog’s typical routine, the experience is incredibly stressful for all dogs. The flight experiences place pets in unfamiliar surroundings and put them in a situation that can be overstimulating for animals. With this in mind, unless your pet can actively partake in your vacation activities, it may be worth leaving them at home with a pet sitter or in a boarding facility. 

Can I buy my dog a seat on a plane? 

Sadly, most airlines do not allow passengers to buy their dogs a seat on the plane. However, usually, dogs are only allowed to fly in the cabin if they can comfortably fit in a carrier that you can stow under your seat. A few airlines, including JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, and Etihad Airways, allow passengers to purchase a seat. However, your dog must still fit in a carrier as they must be stowed for takeoff, taxiing, and landing. 

What are the rules for flying with a dog? 

As with most things, the rules of traveling with your dog depend on the airline, type of dog, and where you’re traveling. Before each trip, it’s worth researching to ensure you know about the latest regulations and information. Look at airlines’ websites to be sure you have all the correct information you need, or call the airlines’ customer service line for more details. Delta, American Airlines, United, JetBlue, Southwest, and Alaska Airways also have pet travel pages.

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