New To Priority Pass? Here’s What You Need To Know

Whether you’re looking to pass time between flights or relax before boarding a long-haul flight, you’ll want to spend some time in Airport lounges. However, if you don’t have access to a dedicated airline lounge, it’s wise to invest in a service like Priority Pass, which provides access to more than 1,200 lounges in 600+ airports around the world. 

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What is Priority Pass? 

The membership-based network of airport lounges and restaurants gives members the opportunity to access the lounges in the network regardless of what airline or class of service they’re flying. It has an easy-to-use app, which will show you what’s available at the airport that you’re flying in. 

Lounges in the network vary, as some offer access to airline lounges while others are operated by independent companies. In some cases, airports may not have a Priority Pass lounge, so the brand may offer discounts or vouchers for specific restaurants or airport spas. 

How To Become a Priority Pass Member? 

For those looking to invest in the membership, there are two ways to get it. First, the brand offers three membership tiers: Standard, Standard Plus, and Prestige. The standard membership costs $99 per year, and members have to pay $35 per visit and an additional $35 per guest. On the other hand, Stand Plus memberships cost $329 per year and include 10 visits, after which visits could be $35 each in addition to the $35 fee per guest. Lastly, Prestige memberships cost $469 per year and include all visits, though there is still a guest fee. 

The other way to get a Priority Pass membership is through your credit card. American Express, Chase, and other credit cards tend to offer a free Priority Pass membership as a perk, so it’s worth checking it out before you invest. 

What To Know About Accessing Priority Pass Lounges? 

Before splurging on a membership, it’s worth noting that entrance into the lounges is not guaranteed. Some lounges may set specific Priority Pass hours, whereas others can simply refuse members if the lounge is too busy or at capacity. There may also be time restrictions for how long you can stay in the lounge. 

When visiting a lounge that accepts the membership, you’ll have to present your membership card at the front desk along with your boarding pass. Priority Pass mails a physical card to you after your membership is activated, however, there is also the optician to have a digital card that’s stored in your phone’s wallet. Before entering the lounge, you’ll also have to let the agent know about any guests you may bring with you.

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