Global Entry Experience Is Set for a Game-Changing Upgrade

In the past, the only way to complete the enrollment process for Global Entry was to go for an in-person interview or enroll on arrival. However, Customs and Border Protection launched the first-ever ‘Enrollment on Departure’ operation last week. It launched at Washington, DC’s Dulles airport and allows travelers who are conditionally approved for the program to complete their interview process at the airport before boarding an international flight. 

Approved travelers can visit the Enrollment on Departure office—without an appointment. To complete the process, they’ll have to show a travel document, like a passport, along with a document proving their residence (such as a driver’s license, rental payment statement, utility bill, or anything that shows a current address). With those documents, you’ll also need to establish an airline ticket to prove you’re boarding an international flight. 

Currently, this program is only available at the Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC. There are no plans to expand the program now, as officials want to see how it goes before introducing it at other airports. 

Until it rolls out more widely, the easiest way to complete the Global Entry process is through Enrollment on Arrival. It’s available at more than 50 US airports and 14 international airports, including Aruba, Canada, Ireland, The Bahamas, and The United Arab Emirates. 

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