Take a Look Inside the World’s Largest Harry Potter Store

Harry Potter Store

Did you know that New York City is now home to the largest Harry Potter store in the world? Here’s an insider’s peek into Manhattan’s most magical emporium. 

Harry Potter New York isn’t your average franchise gift shop. Spanning 21,000 square feet, the gigantic storefront is stocked with the largest collection of Harry Potter merch anywhere. Located in the NoMad district, the flagship has been designed with masterful attention to detail that even a muggle would recognize: Original props from the films are scattered throughout, like the actual wands from the main characters and Voldemort’s unassuming horcruxes, like Tom Riddle’s journal. Other cool installations include the 220-pound handmade model of Fawkes (Dumbledore’s phoenix), that hangs in the entrance, and the massive rotating Griffin atop the spiral staircase in the Atrium of Awe, crafted by British prop makers.

Harry Potter Store

Harry Potter New York is brimming with hidden references to J. K. Rowling’s fantastical universe. Brick walls are intentionally cold to the touch—a nod to the chilly brick walls of an outdoor train station. The store’s elevator has even been designed to mimic a magical “fireplace,” its lights turning green as if Floo Powder had been dashed about to transport you to the Ministry of Magic.

But of course, this Potterhead heaven is all about the goods: In addition to the dizzying array of robes, hoodies, and Quidditch jerseys sorted according to Hogwarts’ four houses, you’ll find themed makeup, personalized wands, and stationery designed by MinaLima, the team behind the franchise’s graphics. Pop into the Confectionary to buy all the sweet treats from the series like Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. 

Harry Potter Store

Purchase tickets in advance for one of two 30-minute Virtual Reality experiences hosted in the cellar of the store, where you can dodge Death Eaters on broomsticks or cast spells against frisky Pixies. Whatever you do, don’t leave Harry Potter New York without a stop at the Butterbeer Bar. Hundreds of illuminated bottles seemingly float above the bar counter, where you can order the signature frothy beverage (including a new vegan version), ice cream, and more.

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