9 Design-Forward Hotel Rooms with Cool Wallpaper Around the World


A cool vista of wallpaper is a fun surprise after you check in—whether back in the room or in the hotel lobby, bar, or restaurant. It adds vibrancy and whimsy all at once. With such a tight space as this canvas is, decorators don’t need to hold back. This results in wall-sized pieces of art just as eye-catching as the paintings and sculptural objects that surround it.

Here are nine hotels and resorts around the world where you can easily be inspired by the wallpaper. These also do a terrific job of telling a story about the property’s history and regional heritage.

Credit: Simon Detraz

Hotel Providence Paris (Paris, France)

Flaunting wallpaper depicting large, graceful birds against a tomato-red backdrop, the Deluxe rooms continue to build out the dramatic theme with two fringed table lamps born of the same fabric.

Marine Troon (Troon, Scotland)

This seaside town’s dreamy waterfront is mirrored on the walls in each guest room, where blues and greens run wild in varying shades, including the wallpaper’s flora and fauna, paired with framed antique nautical paintings.

Credit: Graham Yelton

The Dwell Hotel (Nashville, Tennessee)

Within the Tropicana Suite, the balcony is a literal high point, but so is the jazzy blue and green wallpaper as a throwback to Tiki times, with the Danish-style work desk and turquoise-blue Mid-Century Modern style lamp nice compliments.

Grand Universe Lucca La Residenza (Lucca, Italy)

Tucked into the charming, walled town of Lucca, each of the 10 luxury suites boasts this gold-hued wallpaper as a nod to the region’s heritage of crafting silk textiles. 

British Colonial (Nassau, Bahamas)

While fresh off a grand reopening and $50 million facelift, this hotel dates back to 1901 and was built by Standard Oil founder Henry Flagler. Folded into the new look is a muted accent wall in each room depicting palm trees for a fresh, clean look inspired by its natural surroundings.

The Colony Hotel (Palm Beach, Florida)

Marrying vintage with sophistication, the premium guest rooms’ concentric green wallpaper pairs well with the lush green spotted through the windows—and, of course, the floral, curved fabric headboards.

Surya Haveli (Jaipur, India)

All of the six guest rooms within this 300-year-old structure in the Pink City sport whimsical wallpaper—and not just one wall. The room is wrapped in design, such as Kesar Bagh’s saffron theme, Anar Bagh’s pomegranate-themed motif, or Chota Bagh’s floral prints.

Halcyon House (Cabarita Beach, Australia)

For those who desire monochromatic tones to lull them to sleep, an eye mask may be necessary, but this maximalist-inspired guest room’s fabric wallpaper at a retrofitted surf lodge on Australia’s East Coast is also a bright thing to wake up to, adorned in crisp, blue-and-white lines.

Credit: Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn (San Luis Obispo, California)

It doesn’t get any more vintage-y and kitsch (in a good way: there’s a spa and bakery, after all!) than in each of the guest rooms, of which no two are alike. For example, brown and blue mimicking hand-painted tile in the “Portugal” room or embossed deep red and gold in the “San Francisco” room.

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