Indulge in Authentic Greek Flavors with Breathtaking Caldera Views at This Santorini Restaurant

Set the scene.

At MIA’s Restaurant, calling the views beautiful would be an understatement. Set against Oia’s stunning backdrop that epitomizes the beauty of Greece, it’s a place where you’ll find yourself pinching to believe you’re genuinely there, gazing out over one of the most breathtaking views imaginable. Secluded from the bustling Thira-Oia thoroughfare, MIA’s offers a serene dining experience in a tranquil setting amidst the same awe-inspiring caldera.

Under the leadership of third-generation restaurateur Sellia Georges and Chef Elli Mitrai in the kitchen, this establishment proudly stands as a female-led operation. Inspired from a young age by her travels from Chicago to Greece to visit her grandmother, Sellia’s vision for MIA’s is deeply rooted in the flavors and hospitality of Greek culture.

Guests dine on the wraparound outdoor patio overlooking the caldera, where stunning white-washed architecture cascades down to the sea. Crisp white linen tablecloths elegantly drape over the tables, while trellises and chic fringed parasols provide shade on hot summer days. Although dining outside with the views is preferred, the indoor setup offers a worthy alternative with a cozy ambiance and an inviting cocktail bar shielded by a glossy black marble counter.

What can we expect from the food?

Aiming to combine traditional Greek cuisine with contemporary techniques, the restaurant packs a punch of flavors into its elegantly plated dishes. The seasonally inspired menu highlights classic Mediterranean ingredients, featuring freshly caught fish from the Aegean Sea, cheeses from local producers, vegetables plucked from Cycladic farms, and a curated selection of wines specializing in Santorini’s Assyrtiko variety.

We were foaming at the mouth with excitement as we dove into the Greek salad, a delightful blend of ripe cherry tomatoes, perfectly aged feta cheese, dollops of Greek yogurt, black olive biscuit croutons, and a garnish of parsley and parsley oil. The warm baker’s bread basket, comprising sourdough loaves and breadsticks with cow’s butter mixed with herbs, accompanied the vegetable medley nicely. 

Next, we savored the grilled octopus, which arrived pre-cut into pieces and plated over a generous scoop of Santorinian fava bean mousse and caramelized onion chutney. The handmade crispy potatoes served with the creamiest goat cheese and Greek black truffle shavings, were equally delightful. Our stomachs were already satisfied after the appetizer round. Despite our fullness, if we could have added one more item, it would have been the sea bass carpaccio with caviar.

Then, the main course arrived, and we fully immersed ourselves in the Greek gastronomy experience. We ordered MIA’s Moussaka—a traditional Greek dish featuring layers of eggplant and rolled ground beef in a tomato sauce, topped with béchamel—to indulge in the authentic cuisine. Pleasantly surprised, we balanced the rich flavors of the moussaka with a red snapper filet served over couscous cauliflower, accompanied by chimichurri sauce and a hint of lemon zest. 

Ending on a sweet note, we savored the restaurant’s inventive twist on baklava: Their creation featured a frothy pistachio mousse, akin to an ice cream scoop, nestled among home-baked phyllo chips and topped with crumbled pistachios. The lemon tart, with its homemade sable crust, vanilla pâté, and delicate meringue, perfectly complemented the nuttiness of the baklava.

And what about the drinks?

From an expert-curated wine program to a full-fledged whisky selection, various spritzes, martinis, and non-alcoholic libations, you’ll surely find something to enjoy here before, during, or after your meal. However, we were particularly drawn to the signature cocktails and opted for the Melitta—a blend of Votanikon Dry Gin, chamomile, honey, and lemon. A vibrant purple and yellow flower garnish complements its golden yellow hue and foamy top.

Final thoughts?

For those vacationing in Santorini and seeking a truly romantic setting paired with exceptional cuisine and hospitality that feels like dining at a cherished family friend’s home, MIA’s Restaurant is the perfect choice.

Top Takeaways

Location: Oia, Santorini, Greece

Address: Oia 847 02, Greece

Cuisine: Greek

Price Point: $$

Takes Reservations: Yes – mias.restaurant

The vibe: An intimate and romantic eatery serving authentic Greek cuisine, allowing you to immerse yourself in the island’s true essence through both ambiance and flavors.

Our favorite thing on the menu: This grilled octopus set the standard for all the future grilled octopuses we would indulge in during our Greek Island tour. We especially savored the fava bean mousse served alongside.

The attire: Smart Casual

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner: Open daily for lunch and dinner from 12:30 pm–10:00 pm.

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