Kawaii Meets Omakase at New York City’s First Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant

Sushidelic isn’t just another sushi restaurant – it’s an immersive Kawaii experience taking the culinary scene by storm. 

Since its grand opening in the summer of 2023, this unique dining establishment has been wowing guests with a fusion of delectable Japanese cuisine and the vibrant world of kawaii, all curated by Tokyo-born multi-disciplinary artist Sebastian Masuda.

Despite its longstanding history in Japanese culture, the kawaii “cute” aesthetic catapulted to widespread popularity in the 1980s thanks to Masuda. His bold use of color, playful patterns, and outlandish designs earned him partnerships with Hello Kitty and Pac-Man and even found its way into mainstream pop culture via collaborations with Blackpink and Millie Bobby Brown. 

In 2015, Masuda opened the Kawaii Monster Café in Harajuku, which quickly became a global sensation, further solidifying his role as a leading Kawaii figure. The café unfortunately shuttered in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Sushidelic brings the same spirit to New York City.

The focal point of the restaurant is surely the conveyor belt sushi bar––the first of its kind in Manhattan––which circulates the bar and back through the kitchen, showcasing Masuda’s fabulous, glittery masterpieces: sequined maki rolls, larger-than-life high heels, and even a neon teddy bear.

Japanese architect Aki Miyazono of Blank Designs is responsible for the neon-illuminated dining room, which boasts paneled mirrored ceilings, massive cat-like sculptures that rotate overhead, as well as seating for 16 at the conveyor belt bar and 18 at tables.

Sushidelic treats diners with a menu that evokes the traditionality of omakase while staying true to Masuda’s whimsical ways. Thanks to Chef Hiroki Abe, formerly of EN Japanese Brasserie, and U.S. Daniel Boulud alumnus Chef Kyle Puchir, the culinary offerings are aesthetically invigorating and delightfully flavorful.

Two six-course omakase sets are available to choose from: the “Pure Imagination” ($85) or “Roll With It” ($95). Each set begins with the Macaron Sushi. A classic French macaron recipe made with almond flour swaps traditional fillings of meringue, jam, or buttercream for a mixture of tuna, tofu cream cheese, and tobiko. It is then finished with a gold leaf, making for a savory yet sweet indulgence.

Next comes the Sashimi Salad, then the Ape-Maki Quartet, featuring a California roll with Osaka crab cake, a Scottish salmon roll with ikura, an eel tamago roll with avocado wasabi sauce, and spicy tuna on crispy rice with pickled fresno. The fourth course is a Tempura Duo, which includes Argentinian red shrimp as well as seasonal vegetable kakiage with matcha and yuzu salt.

The fifth course is where these omakase sets differ: “Pure Imagination” boasts an intricate Chirashi Parfait, Sushidelic’s parfait-like version of Japanese “chirashi,” made with mixed sashimi and marinated vegetables arranged on a “sundae” of sushi rice. “Roll With It” offers another Ape-Maki Special: Japanese BBQ Wagyu Roll, Chu-toro Roll, and Spicy Scallops Cucumber Roll.

Everybody receives Masuda’s sextet of dipping sauces, ranging from yuzu and wasabi to the unexpected blueberry. Both sets are finished with a dessert platter featuring confections such as Sake Cheesecake, Sushi Candy, and Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream with sweet cream, strawberries, and rainbow sprinkles.

An exquisite selection of sake, Japanese-inspired cocktails, and even curated non-alcoholic beverages perfectly complement the dining experience.

Located at the intersection of Soho, Nolita, and Chinatown at 177 Lafayette Street, Sushidelic invites diners to leave the ordinary behind and step into a vibrant, adorable, and utterly delicious world.

Top Takeaways

Location: Nolita, New York City

Address: 177 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013

Cuisine: Japanese Kawaii-Inspired Omakase

Price Point: $$

Takes Reservations: Yes – Resy

The Vibe: The Kawaii “cute” aesthetic meets culinary luxury in an adorable, neon, and glittery setting.

Our favorite thing on the menu: The Ape-Maki special is worth getting for the sole purpose of trying the Japanese BBQ Wagyu Roll. 

The attire based on the vibe: The more colorful and whimsical, the better

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner: Dinner: Tuesdays through Sundays from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

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