Is This New York City’s Most Exclusive Hotel Spa?

Listen up, New Yorkers, we’ve just received word about Manhattan’s most luxurious hotel spa, and it’s no shocker that it’s at one of the city’s top exclusive member’s clubs for the elitist society, Casa Cipriani

The Casa Cipriani Spa is truly a tranquil retreat secluded within the stay’s iconic location in the prestigious Battery Maritime Building along the waterfront in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District area. Its minimalist waiting room ensures its guests are warmly welcomed with a soothing energy, imbued with a neutral color palette and orchid flowers. A boutique with the spa’s preferred product, Knesko Skin, is available for post-treatment shopping.

The spa offers a range of signature massages and wellness experiences, including reflexology and stress recovery, provided by a carefully selected team of therapists. Particularly esteemed among A-list celebrities residing at Casa Cipriani during NYC excursions are the facials featuring Knesko’s nourishing products. Infused with a luxurious and skin-nurturing essence, these indulgent treatments rehydrate, brighten, and refine all skin types, leaving a red carpet-ready glow.

Esthetician Samantha Susca initiates facials with a soothing three-breath inhalation and the establishment of a personal intention. Followed by cleansing and prepping the skin before choosing and applying the appropriate collection of masks, as well as other modalities such as cryotherapy or microcurrent to enhance the effects. A soothing massage of the face and neck, coupled with the application of extra Knesko gemstone serums using the Knesko jade roller and Guasha stone, imparts a radiant look to your complexion.

If you’re fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the exclusive private members club amenities, including the Cipriani restaurant and Jazz Café, we suggest arriving for your wellness appointment dressed in your most elegant attire.

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