The Savoy Hotel’s New Gucci Suite Is Over-the-Top Opulence

With over 130 years of history in the heart of London, it’s no surprise that The Savoy has many stories to tell. Its prime location along the River Thames, combined with its state-of-the-art architecture makes it even more of a destination for travelers of the past and present — from the Royal Family to legendary movie stars to iconic fashion designers, this luxurious British hotel has seen it all. There’s one person, in particular, who made such an impression on the hotel over the years, they’ve earned their own namesake extra-opulent suite: Guccio Gucci (and yes — he was the founder of the ultra-famous brand, Gucci). 

In his early years — long before he was deemed one of the top high-end designers — Guccio Gucci worked as a luggage porter and lift-boy at The Savoy. In fact, the Italian luxury fashion house draws lots of inspiration from the same kind of elegance that the British grand dame stay does. And due to The Savoy’s intertwined history with the Gucci founder himself, it’s only fitting that the hotel honors this connection by debuting The Royal Suite by Gucci to celebrate the iconic brand’s 100-year anniversary.

Wrapped in the Gucci Décor Collection, the Royal Suite takes over-the-top elegance to new heights. From peacock-blue-printed velvet couches and glitzy crystal chandeliers to dazzling floral arrangements, and bold nature-inspired wallpapers, the suite feels like Guccio Gucci lived there himself. Spacious would be an understatement, given the decked-out living and dining area, marble-clad bathroom, cedar-lined detailed dressing room, and the king-sized bedroom that fills the space’s 2,852 sq ft — oh, and there’s more: The suite boasts expansive views overlooking the River Thames from its floor-to-ceiling windows. 

As guests of The Savoy’s Royal Suite arrive at the property (via private transfer arranged by the hotel, of course), they can expect a medley of glamorous amenities. Guests can ring the personal butler for their every need: breakfast in bed, chef-prepared dinners in-room, and immediate requests to pass on to the concierge are just a slice of their services. Best of all, sybaritic guests staying in this suite have VIP shopping privileges, including a Gucci pop-up shop set up in their room, just for them.

This kind of grandeur comes with a price — the starting nightly rate is $19,389. If you’re lucky enough to live as lavish as the Gucci’s did, this is the suite you need to book next time you’re in London.

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