The Ultimate Guide to Warding Off Bed Bugs While Traveling

Should you have perused the latest headlines, you’re likely aware of the resurgence of bed bugs in the spotlight. Here are some helpful travel tips for a bed bug-free experience.

Wait to open the luggage until you check the room.

First and foremost, you shouldn’t open or unpack your luggage until after you check the room. This will ensure that your fabric items don’t get contaminated on the chance that there are bed bugs. 

Lift bedding and inspect corners and mattresses.

The most important thing to do is to check the bed wherever you’re staying quickly. Pull all the bedding to the mattress level to adequately review the bed. When you do this, you must inspect every corner and crevice. You’ll also want to lift the entire mattress to check underneath and take a peak at the headboard to see if it’s fabric. 

Use a flashlight for better visibility.

It’s best to do this when the lights are off with a flashlight on your phone to see if anything is there. 

Check the fabric seating and the luggage rack.

Once you finish inspecting the bed, check any fabric seating (or avoid them altogether if you don’t have time). You’ll also want to check the luggage rack, just in case. 

If you find bed bugs, request a new room.

If you find bed bugs (or evidence of anything), call the front desk and ask for a new room where you’ll want to repeat this process. 

Repel with tea tree oil spray.

Bed bugs don’t like tea tree oils, including peppermint or lavender, so you can make a spray and spray it onto your bag to act like a repellent.

When home, wash clothes, inspect luggage, and store it away from your bedroom.

After your trip, immediately unpack when you get home and put your clothing directly in the washing machine, followed by the dryer. During this time, inspect your luggage to ensure you got everything. Afterward, place your bags in a basement or garage away from your bedroom. 

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